Magic in color

The magic of color mixing!

I’m taking a class at the BBAC, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, on botanical watercolor.  The instructor asked us to use just 6 colors, the Daniel Smith Essentials set.  If I get nothing else from this class than learn about color, I’ll be happy.  I took our homework assignment seriously and made page after page of color mixing charts.  Each page used two colors, starting with a puddle of the lightest color and adding in the darker color drop by drop.  I’m amazed how the color shifts with each drop.

These are the six colors in the Essentials set:

Below are a few of my charts showing the color shifts, drop by drop, with the two original colors shown as the first and last swatch:

I have seen so many charts that just give one space to each color blend.  That just isn’t enough….after seeing the range of colors on each page! 

Now, if I ever want to closely match a color, I can start with my color notebook.  


Sunday, Monday

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…..

(Recognize those lyrics?)

Had our twin Littles over, and enjoyed every minute….

This girl loves painting

Her finished frog, thanks Gail!  Her funny face is the result of me asking her to smile.

We had a couple of bike walks….

And a trip to the park….

Grace notes:

Aubree whispers “Sweet Dreams” to me when I tuck her in bed.

“Grammie, Dylan is not cooperating with me”

They both said, “We are not tired”…then took a 3 hour nap!

Painting the Days

I started a new journal this week, and tomorrow I am ditching it.  The paper is just too thin for watercolor.  I will be back to the smaller, spiral bound book next week.  

What a mashup of journals and styles I’ve had this year.  I started the year with daily pages, then switched to monthly spread with tiny daily entries.  Now back to daily.  I like the habit of drawing something daily.  

Here are my favorite pages of the week….

The cool stuff my guys make

A month or so ago I shared photos of Jeff and TJ’s shop…aka The Playground.  

Today will I share some of what they make.

Here is a short vid of a step in the making of a part….understand that they had to make the fixture that holds the metal being bent.

Automotive components shaped and bent:

Here is a progression of the making of a widget…starting at the bottom and progressing through the steps finishing with a completed part.

A very cool bike rack for a noodle restaurant in Detroit.

Table legs ready for paint and a custom made wood top.

They are thankful that business has been pretty busy!

Debbie and the Beanstalk, part 2

Update on my purple hyacinth bean experiment.  

I planted tiny little starts of The Bean next to hibiscus’ that perished over the winter, leaving me a unique support for the aggressive climbing Beans.  The original photos are followed by today’s photos of the plants.  The originals were taken June 7.  Just over a month ago.

The vines grow about six inches a day.  I wrap and tie the new growth around the hibiscus sticks daily, but I missed while we were up north.  Now I have two to three foot vines to wrap….

The results are not the topiary forms I had hope for with a skinny trunk and growth above…obviously The Bean would not cooperate with that.   Will update again in August when The Beans are in full bloom.  In the meantime you will find me in my PJ’s on the deck in the early morning tying up vines.