The playground

I thought you may like to see some of the equipment and projects these two collaborate on at the shop…aka the playground.

I took photos of some of the things at the shop that I thought looked “cool”.  Probably not the photo shots they would have chosen….😁

Like the color of this, and patina:


Granite about 4 inches thick 

Careful, do not place your body under the knife area.


Urban skyline:

This machine can sheer a sheet of metal 4 feet wide:

Next time I’ll show you what they make.  These guys are skilled craftsman and artists with metal.  They enjoy working together, and each has his special skills that make them a great team.  May their new venture together continue to grow and prosper!

Climb that tree

Last year I had lovely hibiscus plants blooming all summer in three planters. I did not bring the three ginormous planters in, so the hibiscus perished over the winter.   This summer I’m hoping their skeletal form will serve as a support for my purple hyacinth bean plants.  At best, it will be a glorious topiary of purple splendor. Fingers crossed.  Will keep you posted because I know you are at the edge of your seat with anticipation.  

Pretty flowers enshrining a dead tree.

Fish mosaic mirror

I completed a mosaic for  the kid’s bathroom at my daughter’s home.

I filled in the mosaic border of the mirror with stained glass, mirrored fish and a few tile bubbles. My son in law, Derek,  made the mosaic frame and also formed the cement countertop.  He is awesome like that!