Happy Halloween!



Finished “portico”

I was questioning my term “portico”….but really this is a portico.  Webster says this “A colonnade or covered ambulatory esp. in classical architecture and often at the entrance to a building.”  img_4628_1resized.jpg


Whatever we decide to call it, I do love it.  Just enough room to sit with a glass of wine and watch the evening sky, or a conversation with two or three….Jeff made the twisted knarly tree out of copper wire.  Perhaps the tree below was his inspiration:


Greenthumb Sunday

I enjoy going to blogs that participate in “Green Thumb Sunday“.  The idea is that every Sunday we are to post a nature, garden, plant picture.  This sounds like an easy task, I tend to take more pictures of plants and landscapes than people.  Plants cooperate more than people, they don’t mind looking into the sun, don’t talk back, complain of getting tired, or get fidgety.   Also it seems that when I am with people way too much talking and enjoying goes on, then later I am perturbed that I completely forgot about taking pictures.  

Today’s image is of the lowly, common Aster.  I have tried to make this plant extinct in my garden for many years.  But it lures me into letting it grow during the early summer with its pretty foliage and lush appearance.  Only later does it start to push beyond its boundaries and try to take over the peony and roses next to it.  But then when most other plants are looking bedraggled and wilted, the aster rewards my patience with sturdy stalks that are five foot tall,  topped with purple flowers.  Today it’s a little windy, and the aster is swaying with the breeze.  


Article in Quilting Arts

Quilting Arts Magazine is an outstanding magazine that is one of a kind, taking quilts off the bed and onto the wall as art.  My friend, Lynn Krawczyk has an article in the October/November issue called “Embellishments as Inspiration”.  She asked several of us to use the same handful of embellishments, and make a small quilt.  These have been included in the Quilting Arts website.   The embellishments we all received were a porcupine quill, playing card, paperclay face, key, and a string of small bells.  Its truly amazing how vastly different each of ours is, and how differently we used the embellishments. 

Halloween banners

These banners were addictive.  The fun of designing in this space,  and “Oh, I’ll just use up this pile of fabric” was my thought process.  Nine banners later, Kat  suggested I move on to the next holiday.  Hmmmm, Thanksgiving is next.   I’ve enjoyed giving most of the banners away as gifts. 


Movin’ in ‘da Mama

My SIL Patt has been working, organizing and designing mom’s new apartment.  Mom (my MIL) has undergone heart surgery this summer and after a hard couple of months is finally getting back to her vibrant enthusiastic self.   She made the decision to get an apartment in a senior community.  Its 3.2 miles from my house, and very near her other kids and grandchildren.   So, today was the unveiling, she had no idea what we have been doing.  We purchased a few new things, and scrounged the rest out of our basements.  Let me emphasize that Patt did the work, I helped a little and sewed up a few items.  

How about a slideshow: