kitchen pictures


Above:  That luscious “tapestry” color, is in the sink corner.  I love love love it.  And below, is that quite tame looking yellow, very decieving in these pics…if it truly looked like this I would be happy and leave it.  1-25-08-kitchen-paint-colors-002a.jpg

We also tried Golden Margarita on a wall, here is a picture showing the new color by the copper plate, and my old color on the other wall.  1-25-08-kitchen-paint-colors-003.jpg

Painting the kitchen

I have had paint chips taped to my walls, off and on for a long time now… a year at least.  I want color, cheerful color….I thought I wanted yellow.  So I’ve auditioned various yellows, Bee’s wax, chamois, blonde, mango, evocative sunlight…and then at my friend Babe’s house found the perfect color on her walls, I even  liked the name “Golden Margarita”.  It was a buttery yellow.  I just knew it would be perfect.  I bought the gallon.  Jeff  put the tall step ladder on top of the island and painted the skylight walls with Golden Margarita.  I thought it would really look like sunshine streaming in, cast a lovely glow to the whole area.  I was wrong.  When the sun is shining directly on it, as it does in Babe’s house, it is that lovely butter yellow.  But in the shadows, it completely changes to a bright mustard yellow. I wouldn’t mind bright yellow, but it clashes with everything else in my kitchen/dining room.  So tonight, I had to break the news to him that the skylight would need a change of color….he didn’t say much….I think he will try and talk me out of it at a later time.  Or maybe he thinks I will talk myself back into it at a later time.  I would never do that, have never done that in my whole life!  Never once. 

The story continues. Yesterday evening in an attempt to find THE color, I had a quart of a terra cotta left over from something, and I painted the sink alcove with this.  It turned from terra cotta to pink.  No, not in my kitchen.  So this morning, another last ditch effort, I painted the sink alcove with Golden Margarita…did not work this time either.  Steph and I met for our weekly lunch today.  We started talking about paint.  Actually I did most of the talking.    We went round and round with colors…we have an amazing color name vocabulary.  She finally suggested “Tapestry”.  I know this color, its Ralph Lauren, have pocketed that chip a half dozen times because I liked it so much.  So after lunch, I ran to Home Depot.  Then for the third time in less than 24 hours, I painted the sink alcove.  And yes,  success!  I love this color, it sets off the copper tiles perfectly.  But now, do I paint the whole kitchen this rather dark, but luscious, color…or just use it as an accent.  More paint pondering to come.   I’ll have you know that picking colors is not always this hard for me….

Take it further challenge January

This is the color scheme that Sharon from In a minute ago proposed for January, the first month of the Take it further challenge

Now, how does one go forward with this as the parameter?  What is the next step.  My first impulse, that I thankfully did not indulge, was to go shopping for perfect matches of fabric, yarn, threads.   No, I would dig around my own stash, and use what was available.  I didn’t have to look far.  Sitting in my studio, for months, has been my pile of coveted wool felt.  I also have had visions of penny rugs, folk art motifs, blanket stitch.  I was inspired by an article in a magazine about making wool felt coasters and trivets….these appealed to me.  So around the table, with a few friends, we started cutting felt and handstitching with pearl cotton.  Perhaps I will show you my first attempts, and theirs at another time.  But here is my finished product an exercise in design and color: my TIF January Challenge piece…. 

Detroit guide

Do you live in the Detroit area?  Do you think you know this city well????  I thought I did, but after perusing this guide to the area, I am ignorant.  So many places to see, I had no idea.   Also, worthwhile to check out this blog..Sweet Juniper…interesting reading, and great Detroit photos on flickr.  I haven’t had alot of time to read this new -to -me blog yet, but will sit down and do that very soon. 


Our son, TJ, got married Friday to the love of his life…Amber.   The wedding was simple, sweet, and will always be a cherished memory for our family.  In attendance were a small group of family and friends.  Here is the happy couple:1-11-08-tj-ambers-wedding-024.jpgIf you would like to see more pictures, check out my new flickr site:

New Years Resolutions

Is anybody out there still thinking about New Year’s Resolutions?  I am.   But its different this year, because of all I have been through recently.  (I promise, this is the very very last time I speak of health….I hope!) Everything was fine with me until the end of August, then the rest of the year has been a blur of CT scans, tests, surgery, recovery, more tests, more surgery, complications, and finally, finally, recovery.  Lots of trials, but as often happens these nonetheless worked their magic on my mind.   I’ve got the ability to concentrate again, an appreciation of what is really important in life, and that there is no time to waste…one must do what is important to them, what they love, and be with who they love. 

And to bring this all this into relevance, after all this blog is supposed to be about making art/craft, and creativity, which are a part of what I think is important and what I love… are a couple attitudes I wish to cultivate this year:

1. Spend time developing imagery inspiration-this means photos, drawing, painting, collage.  This also means looking closely at the world….also making a mess, sometimes.  Very enjoyable activities, why do I find them so hard to accomplish?  There always seems to be something more important to do, but really its just procrastinating or avoiding using brain cells… 

2.  Stop the “one hit wonders”–the “one of a kinds” that are not connected to any other work.  These type of works take ALOT of energy, and the payoff is limited.  A better solution is to get on a roll, have the next piece be a development of the previous one.  Not necessarily working in a series, but sticking to an idea, medium, etc in order to develop a level of mastery.  Requires focus, commitment….and blinders- to stop being lured by all the cool things others are doing and wanting to try them for myself.  

3.  Sense of adventure…keep the curiousity going, see, hear, appreciate all the wonders that can so easily go unnoticed.  And then document them (see #1).

So, unwittingly, I’ve realized the purpose of this blog in 2008…to share with you the results of these attitudes.  And (probably to your relief) don’t expect this amount of writing very often…this has taken me way too long to compose…..the pets are starving, whining at me, wanting to go for a walk.  I’m still in my pajamas.  Don’t know how many of you manage to write so eloquently, so often….I admire you!

And speaking of wonders, this is an amzing amaryllis….just shy of 3 feet tall, and will have 5 flowers when all the buds open: 




Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.  I send you warmest wishes for a wonderful year ahead.  My motto is “2008 will be great”.  2007 has been a challenging year in ways one does not want to be challenged.  Mostly health issues for my family and I.  But 2008 already has two weddings, and a vacation in Florida scheduled.  The health issues seems to be stabilized, too.  I want you to see my SIL’s Lisa’s Christmas decorating.  She works at this estate, and is in charge of decorating each year.  Truly beautiful…..