Have to show you this

amazing quilt from the International Quilt Festival…..

isn’t it beautiful!  Looks like one of those scratchboard projects we did in gradeschool, doesn’t it.  But actually that is the back of the quilt.  Here is the front:

Amazing!  I often like how the back of my work looks, but not to this level.  Free motion quilting does give the effect of line drawings or etchings on the back.  Usually I use white bobbin thread, but this artist used matching threads in both the top and bottom.   This was the only quilt in the whole show that had its backside showing! 


Home from Chicago, mosaics, and a quilt show

I spent this past weekend with these two lovely ladies, Connie and Kat

They are sisters, in case you aren’t seeing well today.  Connie lives near Chicago in a great house with two very cool dogs…Liberty and Justice, standard poodles…and her husband, Guy. Connie does beautiful mosaics, but let us take over her studio this weekend!  She gave me a few pointers, and then just let us get to it.  We used her “scraps” of glass.  Kat made 4 mosaics, that you must check out on her blog, she will have them up there soon .  And here are mine:


Goldfish, swimming the right way…in our pond….do you see the tiny little fish beads near the center..cool eh????

The second one was inspired by some of Connie’s pieces, a mirror surrounded by a patchwork of tiles:

I’ve included some beautiful beads in this one too…milliflore flower beads,


I call this one the Jukebox mirror…because that’s what it looks like, don’t cha think????

I HATED this one before it was grouted, was ready to throw it in the garbage.  Now I am glad I saved it.  Grout works miracles. 

Thank you Connie, can I come back next weekend??????

On Saturday, Kat and I went to the International Quilt Festival.  Ohmy, so big, so many beautiful pieces of art, so much one could buy.  We spent alot of the day looking at all the quilts on display.  I had so many favorites, and walked away inspired to try some new things.  Like a dodo, I neglected to get some pictures of the most important things…like Lynn at Open Studio.  So sorry Lynn, it was the end of the day, my mind must have been shutting down along with my body.  I also forgot to do my regular Sunday picture, will blame that on the mosaic fascination!  But here is a picture of Kat, standing next to her piece that was juried into the show:

Perhaps over the next few days, I will show you a few more images from the weekend.



Goin’ to Chicago

Yes, Kat called me with an invitation I could not refuse.  We are going to the International Quilt Festival, staying with her sister, and also have a fun project planned.  I hope its a springlike weekend, with none of that snow they are talking about on Sunday.  But whatever the weather, I am looking forward to a great weekend!  I’ll come back with lots to share with you, see ya next week…. 

Weekend amusement

Besides spending alot of time outdoors this weekend, enjoying the first nice days of spring, I got together with my “Running with Scissors” friends making some very fun, funky creatures on Saturday afternoon.   Okay, some people golf, some shop, other’s might get together with friends and play cards, drink, smoke, etc. etc.  I on the other hand, get together with friends and make “Stupid Sock Creatures”(a title to one of the books that started this craze).   I am fortunate to have found friends who are hooked on “making things” as I am.  Truly, sometimes it doesn’t matter what I am making,  its the process that I enjoy so very much.   And, I also believe that everything you do adds to your design sense, base of knowledge on your craft, and your skills.  Yes, even sock monkeys.   Thanks everyone for the adventure.  And especially thank you to Katy.  I did not bring a pair of socks, and Katy graciously gave me one of her pairs( I brought odd socks, one of a kinds…have alot of those at my house). 

Here is a slideshow, I think I have included everyone, and apologize if I accidently missed someone. 



Where I Stand Sunday

Be warned:  This post is not for clean freaks or the highly allergic.  Its that time of year, when everything  looks grungy, including my garden, the porch, the baseboards, the cupboard doors, the ceiling corners, under the bed…on and on…..

Today I made a little tiny dent in my long list of irritants.  I supercleaned the car.  It has been a very long winter, and the poor car was making me cringe everytime I got into it.  Much crud and grime accumulated over the winter.  Salt, leaves, pebbles, yes,  but the MOST prevalent item was a result of this dearly beloved creature, Marlo:

So after finishing my car, and before going into the house and vacumning, I sat her down and did the daily (well, almost daily) brushing.  Here is where I stand:

Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. The ground we tread on has its own stories to tell.  Join Lynn Krawczyk of Fibra artysta and I in celebrating each Sunday in this way.  Let Lynn know, so she can link to your site on her blog. 


Florida’s flowers and foliage

Today I take you to visit my SIL, Patrice, her husband Jim and their beautiful place on North Captiva Island.  Patrice is a natural at landscape design, and has a love and curiousity for plants. She’s constantly experimenting, moving, pruning, adjusting, and maybe most of all keeping the jungle tame.  Her landscape is wild, full of native plants, but also perfectly manicured…its all in the details, right Pat!   As you walk up the road, and approach the house, a hedge of croton grabs your attention. 

The color is so intense and rich:

A view of the garden when approaching from the opposite direction:

Wandering towards the pool:

In the above  photo you can see the backside of the night blooming cereus.  Move around to the front:

Looking across the pool, to the sea grape tree:

I love the sea grape, it grows in interesting and weird contortions:

Wandering down the paths, Christmas palms and crown of thorns:

This is just a sampling of the interesting plants and well thought out design of Patt and Jim’s tropical garden—called “Island Greens”.  Patt, just stay away from those fire ants, okay???   

Springtime Banners, prepare yourself

for some bright-colored cheerfulness!  This group started with a request from mominlaw for a spring banner for her door.   Here is the one she chose for herself:

Here are the other four:

Once I got started I got a little carried away…..let me know if one appeals to you, first come first serve.