Nathan's quilt

7-19-09 091

The center is a purchased panel, so just added the borders and quilting.  Simple but sweet.   I hope it will be a favorite blankie. 

7-19-09 095


Colt today

7-22-09 0377-22-09 038

7-22-09 042  7-22-09 041  

When Colt came over today, at first he was a little cranky having just woken up from a nap and all.  But put the Bug on a tractor and he was instantly interested, happy and wanting to drive that thing.  

7-22-09 050 Later, that first bite of food was not what was expected.

7-22-09 063

He loves to paddy cake, with plenty of giggles and laughs.  But still the most favorite “toy” in our house is our pets.  He jumps up and down, squealing with delight when he spots Marlo or Bibbs.  

More pictures in the Family Photo Album now.

Where I Stand Sunday 7-19-09

7-19-09 108

The world is so full of a number of things,
I ’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.

Can you see I’m  2 feet off the ground!  What a great day, a beautiful weekend. 

A number of good things:

7-19-09 033Friends at the reception of Breaking Traditions Exhibit at 212 Gallery

7-19-09 079 Fun with family at my nephew’s graduation party


7-19-09 117 And a Sunday of good food and relaxing. 

Hand Stitched to the finish

The Tailor Quilt 1 is finished, I am happy!  Its been a long road, and finishing is so satisfying.  I look back and say “what was so hard about it?”  I’m learning….. take one step at a time….make a start with a general idea, do something, then look, do someting else…keep going until satisfied.     I’ve stitched myself onto a new path to follow that involves reverse applique, hand stitching, (literally, sort of, no blood involved), and meaning.  I will immediately start on Tailor Quilt 2. 

 7-17-09 002a

Way Back When-sday, Esther 2

Esther and friends

Yikes, photos of my maternal Grandmother, Esther, are few and far between….Here she is with her church ladies group, in front of the Ossineke Methodist Church.   What a conglomeration of fashion statements and styles.  I love this photo!  My grandmother is in the first row, on the right.  She was not a nurse, ever…that I know of.    I wish I knew more about this photo.  But I do know that my grandma Esther was a gentle Christian woman.  I treasure her bible, and feel a connection to her when I open it to find her notes, underlines and prayer list.  And I feel the influence of her quiet faith, and her giving spirit.  I returned to Ossineke a few years ago, only to find that this little church is no longer standing.   Sigh. 

Today, Mr Linky does not seem to be working.  So, how about just posting a comment here, letting us know that you have a Way Back photo to share this week.

Jazzed up front porch

I made a few things to add some zip to my front porch….quilted pillows

7-13-09 041

A fun banner…..Gail and Kat contributed embroidered details to the banner too….

7-8-09 002a

A funky flag on a stick….

7-8-09 003a

And the quilt…..its about 40” x 40”  Some pieced parts of the quilt are from Gail’s most awesome “parts department”, as are most of the fabrics.  Thank you Gail for being your generous self, once again. 

7-13-09 054

And here is the final result,  my front porch this afternoon, mucho better!: