Family Photo Album-2009

Happy Birthday, sweetie baby! 

At 11 months he’s so much fun….and so interested in EVERYTHING!

11-6-09 034

11-15-09 039

He’s motivatin’ around….no stopping him now.  10 months old.

10-14-09 024a

10-14-09 013a

No Colt, don’t go so fast…you’re still a baby, only 9 months old!  Colt 9 months on car

Marlo the long-suffering dog, she’s so patient with Colt…

9-6-09 011

Eight months!  His first year is flying by too fast. 

8-6-08 020a

Seven months old……his father’s son,  but here he looks like his mama. 

7-22-09 016

Pondering Obama’s universal health care…..

7-22-09 017

“Oh, forget it, lets go drive a tractor.”

7-22-09 030

6/12/09 Grandma heart’s this six month old baby boy!

6-9-09 021a

6-9-09 017a

5/12/09  Its May already, and Colt’s 5 months old.  He is a  giggly happy baby… especially when he’s bouncing, and we are standing on our heads making him laugh!5-13-09 034

He loves the airplane game, and his carrots….

5-13-09 056

  4/12/09   He’s 4 months old on Easter Sunday.  I hadn’t seen him in a week or so, and he grew soooo much.   He loves to stand in your lap and bounce, getting those legs strong and ready to go. 



3/12/09 Colt’s 3 month birthday, already!  He’s doubled his weight, smiles, laughs….


and makes eye contact….loves to be talked to and LOVES to view the world from over his dad’s shoulder.  He clearly prefers his mom and dad, but has plenty of smiles for us.    colt-3-11-09-011resized

2/12/09 Colt is two months old today. 





1/12/09  Here are two of my favorite guys, Jeff(gramps)…and Colt on his one month old birthday.


12/20/08 Today was our family Christmas celebration!  What a special Christmas it was with Colton here.   He wore the sweater and hat that his Great Grandma Florence knit:


Steph and Derek….those smiles should be in the movies!


D’mama looked lovely in her blue sweater:


Do you think a scarf might be in your box, Jackie?


Yes, and she likes it…but not too sure about those red gloves. 


Colt much preferred his cozy sweater, but that didn’t stop us from making him pose for this:



I babysat Colt today for the first time.  OMG, he is the sweetest, best, most beautiful baby in the whole world.  Yes, I know, and I have every right to be a little biased.  He was awake, but not fussy for a good long time.  It is so special to hold such a young infant,  they grow so quickly into a little person.  I thoroughly enjoyed that cuddly swaddled sweet smelling little peanut.   TJ and Amber were glad to be back with their little guy…..



Colt just a couple of hours old.


I’m still grinning.


Grandma Leah


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