August 2010

He’s at the age where everything he does is just cute!   (I know, I’m playing favorites…..tough)  Here he is playing with his Grandpa, on the trampoline, with his ninja shark robe on….he’s supposed to be winding down for bed…..but then that’s part of the fun of being a grandparent. 

 8-23-10 c 002 8-23-10 c 003 8-23-10 c 004  8-23-10 c 006    8-23-10 c 010

He had an early birthday party….so we could celebrate with the warm weather and outdoor fun.  The start of a new tradition:

Here are the highlights:

Get ready….

Get set….

Let the party begin.

Riding the pony

Stick pony races…(I understand the adults had their own race much later)

Will add more pics soon…


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