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Must, bid the Morn awake!
Sad Winter now declines,
Each bird doth choose a mate;
This day’s Saint Valentine’s
For that good bishop’s sake
Get up and let us see
What beauty it shall be
That Fortune us assigns.
       -Michael Drayton (1563-1631)

Wishing you….love, love, love!

Where I Stand-February 7


I have just plumb run out of inspiration for “Where I Stand Sunday”…..perhaps it will be back occasionally when the muse returns.   Where I Stand has had a good run(two years), but lately, I’ve been digging pretty deep for this post every week.  The time has come to retire the series for me.  But the original “Where I Stander”, Lynn is still going strong, along with LeAnn and Patti.  I sure will continue enjoying their weekly posts. 

I hate to just stop this weekly routine of Sunday posting…..and am looking for inspiration.  Anybody have an idea?  Please let me know, I will be ever so grateful for any and all ideas.   

But for now, hope you enjoy these wood sculptures as much as I did:

I love the lines and shadows….

The shapes….

And colors….

I am sorry I do not know who made these beautiful works of art. 

They were part of the Northville Art House’s January show that featured wood as the primary medium. 

I have one more thing to say….I am so very grateful for everyone who has read my Sunday posts (all my posts, really).   This blob has come to mean more to me  than I could ever have imagined.   It’s a scrapbook of my life, but with the added benefit of notes and comments from friends.   I know SOME who read do not comment, and that is okay.  I really appreciate that you look at and read my blog.  But, commenting completes the circle…..connects and creates a community, friendship and new  ideas.    Thank you , friends…..have a good Monday!

Where I Stand 1-24-10


1-22-10 006

I have one lap sitting, follow me everywhere kitty cat today, Bibbs is happy to have her mom back.  

Lisa is flying home this evening, and she has a fan club waiting for her:

This is awesome!Kubota, Bitsy, and Kibbles

and Kismet:


Poppet, of course….


Casey 004

The outdoor cats wait for her arrival home too:  Roxy….



and the shy, mysterious and without photos mama kitty, Nellie, too. 

Kelly has sweet girls that missed her too….Mama Mia




and Halle Berry


Good thing we all have our felines as distractions for the let down that is sure to set in tomorrow. 

What a blessing to have such good friends, and this week spent together. 

1-17-10 020

Kelly summed it up best….

(Feline photos courtesy of Life on Sassy Cat Hill and No Whining Allowed. )

Where I Stand 1-10-10


All spring, summer and fall I am a pretty dedicated composter, religiously filling a container with kitchen scraps and meandering out to the composter.  Then winter comes along, and I get lazy.  But each time I dump scraps in the garbage, there is this twinge of guilt.  Good nutrients just wasted.   So come on already, just do it.  And that’s just what I did, and will keep on doing, I hope.     I understand that one can also add torn up paper towel rolls, crumpled paper, etc also.   Let’s see if I can fill the bin up over the winter. 

Doing a little research, I discovered composting  indoors in a covered container, sprinkling bokashi microbes over the waste keeps it fresh smelling.  Interesting concept, if I had a spot in my kitchen for it.  But in the meantime, I will slog the 2 miles to the edge of our property,  in 5 feet of snow and subzero temperatures with my little bucket of scraps because I am dedicated.  1-10-10 021

Where I Stand 1-3-10


The start of a new year of where I’m standing….this will be the 3rd year.  

1-3-10 004


I am standing, amazed and disgusted at the state that Steph and Derek’s rental house was left.  Many windows were broken, and the walls were damaged badly.  Derek had to completely rip out the plaster in the area I am standing in the photo.  The interior was as filthy as an unkempt barn.   But this is not a barn, people were actually living in this place.   S & D  did wonders with it over the weekend, and it will soon be ready for the new renters.    Anyways, I have a new definition for the words “dirty house”.