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Working Weekend….61, 62, 63


Yes, that’s what I’ll call it…..lest you think it will be all about the fun!    I am getting together with my baggette friends and staying here

A house meant for art making….worktables, natural light, off the beaten track.  I can hardly wait.    Its been a crazy (but good)couple of weeks, and a chance to focus on “making”  is most welcome.   

We plan to screen print and mosaic.  I think Kat and I are challenging ourselves to see how many mosaics we can get done!  No competition here between us, I wouldn’t dream of it….she will outnumber me no doubt.   Kat is gifted in the “getting things done” category.   I can aspire to do my personal best, though. 

2-25-10 001 #61, Pin, felted red wool, leather, button and threads

2-25-10 004 #62, Pin, aqua ultrasuede, red wool, vintage button and thread

2-25-10 005 #63, Pin, felted mango wool, misc felt pieces, button and threads

Friends, have a good weekend….I will try my darndest to have a good one myself.  Be safe, be well.

Finishes-Week 5


This week, I’ve many pieces in progress, but not much  finished. 

I’ve been moaning and groaning to Jeff about the grout color of the key hearts.  After days of listening to my passing thoughts on possible grout color, he said..”aren’t hearts supposed to be RED?”.  It was an AH…HAAA moment. 

So I went ahead and painted the grout  just that:

2-5-10 005

Now I am satisfied.  And I ordered some lipstick red grout. 

Speaking of hearts. Yesterday, I was gifted with some GORGEOUS pieced blocks from Gail.  I wish I could piece like this….Gail and Kat are both so gifted with their combinations of colors and fabrics. 

I immediately put them to good use, and made a banner for my side door:

2-5-10 006 #53

And just for fun, this photo makes Bibbs and the pillow appear as one…kinda, funny:

2-5-10 003

Week 4 finishes, continued


As much as I wanted to get back to serious stitching this week, it was not to be….almost.   There is a price to pay for going in several different directions.   If one goes in many directions for a while, though, pretty soon you’re going in a circle…where all action is connected.  One thing leading to the next, all perfectly related but unrelated.   One can hope!

My bit of stitching  this week  was a request by a friend,  for a crown pin….

I made two, and had her pick her favorite:

1-29-10 001a #361-29-10 002a #37

In exchange, I received a sweet little harbinger of spring:

1-29-10 011Thank you, Lynn…I love it, and hope you are royally smitten with your brooch. 

This is Lynn’s etsy shop, where she has necklaces, and other good things available. 

I also spent a day making flower pins to restock  ArtIsIn Market….

1-29-10 013 1-29-10 004 1-29-10 005 1-29-10 006 1-29-10 007 1-29-10 008 1-29-10 009 1-29-10 010 1-29-10 011 1-29-10 012

Black and brown, neutrals.   Meant to go with just about everything.  

Also spring colors….meant to brighten the winter dreariness. 

1-29-10 020 1-29-10 015 1-29-10 016 1-29-10 017 1-29-10 018 

The buttons are in, what I hope, is continuous improvement.  I like these better than my early ones.  I’m using vintage and new buttons, wool, felt, leather, ultrasuede.  Constantly discovering new materials and new ways that work well.  15 pins….numbers 38 thru 52

Speaking of new materials….look at the bargain I came across:

1-29-10 004 many, many buttons on cards, for a ridiculously low price.  This was the find of the century.  Thank you JoAnn’s.  I am sorry you are closing another store near my home, though. 

And I have a new favorite thrift store….Value World.  Kelly took Lisa and I there last week, and I found wool clothing that will get cut apart, washed, and felted for pins and ??????   One man’s junk is another’s treasure, certainly!  The colors are so gorgeous:

1-29-10 009

I can see that this may well turn into a new way to shop for fabric.  Suits my likes perfectly…beautiful fabric, economical price, supporting a local charity, recycling clothing.

Mosaics done


and grouted…

Kelly’s plate:

1-29-10 025I took the liberty of adding grey grout to the spiral, just to accentuate it. 

 1-29-10 024Kelly landscape frame! 

1-29-10 028 Jackie’s mirror, with the camera reflection

  1-29-10 026and her orange collage.

Lisa took her mosaic home, to Virginia, and has it grouted too.  See it here

They all turned out so very good.

1-29-10 023 I found some tiles that were just so beautiful, I wanted to experiment with them.  They are like sea glass, with a little metallic burnishing added.  I did this plain but pretty mirror.  Keeping it simple!   #34

I also completed another “Key to my Heart” mirror….

1-29-10 031 Not too sure about this grout color,  but at a loss for what color to use.  Perhaps this is just too beige???  Any suggestions????  I have a thought of adding a wash of fine silver glitter to the grout once it dries completely….hmmmmm.   #35

Addendum: No glitter, but I think ivory grout might be better.  Will try it next grouting session

This is not all I’ve completed this week…will post again today, later….

The Doings, Week 2


…back to mosaics

key heart 002

I have a collection of keys, purchased at a flea market ages ago.  The heart shape is also a treasure from the ‘80’s when my father in law made a pile of these shapes.    I like the merging of these two….along with mirror bits and brass eyelets.   The question was the grouting, how would the keys turned out?  Not difficult at all to keep them relatively grout free.   Key to my Heart….#30

key mirror 2

I completed a second one, for Steph, on a mirror/key hanger for her back door.  This one will not be grouted.  I like the distressed wood background.   #31

And lastly,

red flower mirror 2 002

Flower mirror….#32