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Way Back, is back



If you’ve been reading “the blob” all along, you may remember Way Back Wednesday.  I posted old photos every Wednesday for about a year, starting in 2009.  I have boxes and boxes of old photos, and I enjoy going through them, so  why not start again.

Here are my own sweet children, all dressed up for Christmas.


I think this was about 1991.  I’m wondering why TJ is wearing a hat?  Whatever the reason, he coordinates nicely with his sisters.   My other question is, whose fireplace is this?  It looks familiar but I can’t quite place it!

Way Back Flower Child



Remarkably, my mom saved some of my old school work, and gave it all to me a while back while we were cleaning out her home.  Digging around today, I unearthed a wildflower book, probably an assignment during 1st  or 2nd grade.  This trillium was featured on the first page of the book.   I remember completing this assignment with such enjoyment….the hunt, the drawings and the writing.  That’s saying something, because I sure don’t remember very many specific assignments.  Note the grade in the lower corner….in red pen of course.     Does anyone else remember making a wildflower book in grade school?????

Way Back LauraBell….



Jeff’s sister Laurie  lives in Idaho.   Over the years, we didn’t get to see her very often, maybe once every ten years.  In the early 90’s, she came for a visit.  We had a party in her honor, and here Laurie is posing with her nieces Jackie, Emmy, and Steph. 


These are the Kolar girl sibs posing with da’ mama…..all in their early 90’s style.

These days, we see Laurie much more often…..and am soooo happy for that.

Have a happy birthday, sista! 

Way Back When-sday, 2-17-10


tjstephchristmassurprise I love this photo. 

I know its February,  way past Christmas, but I can’t wait another 10 months before showing this memory to you.  Here are Steph and TJ, on Christmas morning, ready for church.  Don’t ask me how, but somehow, someway, I was able to get them all ready before they walked out into the living room for their first glimpse of the magic of the day.  I think they feel surprised and delighted.

Way Back When-sday 2-10-10



I still get that old urge to wave my hands furiously sometimes……like today, when I’m so excited about this snowy day and I am home with nowhere to go.  I will get out a little today, with Marlo, to see if I can bring out the puppy in her.  She used to love the snow, and would run full-bore with her nose buried in that soft fluffy white stuff.  That was way back, when she was just a young’n.   Now she is a genteel lady with much common sense.  Too bad. 

But mostly its a good day to sew away the afternoon hours in my cozy house.  Focusing on a project, seeing it through.

2-10-10 046

Way Back Mom


I know this look on my mom’s face very well, one of concern and worry..,,,

momDebinhospLooking a little tired too, Mom. 

She was sitting at my bedside while I was in labor with Steph.  (Cropped myself right out of this scene).    A mother can always find something to worry about when it comes to her children.  But something else occurred to me today…if a time comes when a mother stops worrying about her child….that child will be worrying about her.  This could happen  in many different situations, but particularly today I am thinking about when your parent is having a medical crisis….


Fortunately, later, my mom has a smile on her face.  And fortunately, my mother still worries about me. 

Happy Birthday Mom, with all my love!

Way Back Portrait



If there were a top ten list of my treasured possessions, this portrait would be one of them.   I remember the day I first watched my mother unwrap it.   Then we took it to a photography studio, maybe Hudson’s, for restoration.  I remember yellowing and water stained areas in the background.  And, soon I was with mom when we went to pick it up…amazed at the results. 

This is Esther, my maternal grandmother, as a young girl.  You have met Esther before on my blog, here, here and here.  She is probably about 3 years old in this charcoal rendering of her.  This was a popular technique back then, drawing with the aid of a projected photograph.  Timeframe:  1903ish.  She was always as sweet as this picture depicts her.