Manistique Lighthouse

It was such a calm, colorful, perfect August evening. I was snapping photos like crazy while the guys were fishing off the pier. The painting may not be perfect, but it is brings back the flood of memories much better than my photos. Does any of my family recognize the fisherman?


On island time

Love this place….I’ve walked the beach, rode a bike, sat with my feet in the pool, hung outdoors all day. If this is retirement is like, yes please. I feel like a kid who can do whatever she wants… I painted.

Magic in color

The magic of color mixing!

I’m taking a class at the BBAC, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, on botanical watercolor.  The instructor asked us to use just 6 colors, the Daniel Smith Essentials set.  If I get nothing else from this class than learn about color, I’ll be happy.  I took our homework assignment seriously and made page after page of color mixing charts.  Each page used two colors, starting with a puddle of the lightest color and adding in the darker color drop by drop.  I’m amazed how the color shifts with each drop.

These are the six colors in the Essentials set:

Below are a few of my charts showing the color shifts, drop by drop, with the two original colors shown as the first and last swatch:

I have seen so many charts that just give one space to each color blend.  That just isn’t enough….after seeing the range of colors on each page! 

Now, if I ever want to closely match a color, I can start with my color notebook.  

Painting the Days

I started a new journal this week, and tomorrow I am ditching it.  The paper is just too thin for watercolor.  I will be back to the smaller, spiral bound book next week.  

What a mashup of journals and styles I’ve had this year.  I started the year with daily pages, then switched to monthly spread with tiny daily entries.  Now back to daily.  I like the habit of drawing something daily.  

Here are my favorite pages of the week….

Sushi watercolor

One day, a yearning for sushi hit me as I was wandering through our local produce emporium….Joe’s Produce.  In a fit of self-indulgence I purchased just enough for my lunch. (Not that Jeff would have eaten any.)  I sat in the gazebo, enjoying one dumpling and a California roll when it hit me that I wanted to record this moment.  So I brought out my favorite tablecloth, made by my friend Gail,  and setup a photo shoot with the remaining sushi.  

A year later, here is the painting…..

I feel that inch by inch I am becoming a better painter.   From this painting’s process I learned how to mix some wonderful “blacks”, was challenged by trying to give the plate depth and bringing some of the background colors into the plate and sushi.   I’m discovering that painting really fits into my life right now and that I can really get lost in the process.  I am participating in a show in October, and have been asked to have 10 paintings ready.  So painting will be my focus over the next few months!   

Side note:  WordPress says this is my 1000th post.  What, really?  But I’ve been at this since 2007, so that’s 100 posts per year average.  Not bad.