Up Norf

We have had a rainbow a day here.  Of course, that means rain too.  But not day long rains, and plenty of sunshine.

These photos have no filters or enhancements.  Just such beautiful light out there this evening.

And changing light by the second….

Love U.P. norf


American Wind Symphony

Today we had the great pleasure of listening to the most beautiful music…in the little town of Manistique!  And at the High school auditorium, no less.  This was contempory music chosen by the 90 year old music director, conductor and founder of the orchestra, Robert Boudreau.  They are a full orchestra minus the strings and the saxophone.  The musicians were chosen from all over the world to travel the Great Lakes area and perform for the summer.

I especially loved the trombone played by Will Ford.  His trombone played a lead role in Colloquy, by William Goldstein.  Truly, it brought me to tears.  And I found myself taking deep breaths for him.  

The story of this orchestra is worth checking out.  www.americanwindsymphonyorchestra.org

I am so pleased we were able to experience this group in such an intimate setting.  Thank you Manistique for bringing them here, and the townspeople for housing and welcoming the musicians.  

Hello again, hello


Thinking back over the summer of 2015, yes the one that passed by at jet speed, I reflect on how good, happy, and busy we were.  We went up north three times, had a wedding, besides all the “regular” stuff.

Just want to share a few photos to show you how our “littles” are growing:

Colton and Codi….(had trouble finding good photos of little Codi)




Aubree and Dylan….






A big big bunch of the fun was had with their cousins over the summer….




Well, maybe Baby L is just a little too little this year to join in the fun… P1040668

An official “Goodbye  to Summer”…..!  And an official end to my blogging hiatus.  I next want to show you what I have been doing.

Warmest autumn wishes to you, thank you for reading!

Four Hundred Miles

A tradition was born many years ago, we all gathered up north to wish Grandma and/or ‘da Mama a happy birthday in early August.  EEEK, her own nickname for herself, has been gone for 3 summers now, but we still honor her by gathering together and enjoying a family summer getaway. 

Pictures will tell my story of the fun we had:














We visited Palms Brook State Park, Kitchitikipi—the Big Spring.  Yes,  the water is this color!



Good photo of the springs bubbling up, and of the brown trout.  No fishing here!


Can you see the UFO?  This was taken looking straight into the water, with the trees, sky  and a fish  reflecting:




We all enjoyed ice cream afterwards, and the children all received wooden snakes from the gift shop.




Except those who were too little:



We had Jeff’s boat, jetskis, our canoe, and two kayaks…


If a early morning fishing trip is to happen, Jeff must pull his boat up closer to shore, and wade out to it….BRRRRRRR



I have more photos to dig up.  The process has gotten quite complicated because Jeff and I use FOUR different cameras to take pictures now.  Our phones, and our cameras. 

But, what a great time we all had! 




Do you know this term, cairn?   Simply a pile of rocks, usually used as trail markers.  I’ve come across them in the woods.   But when we were at Mission Point, Michigan a few weeks ago, they were ART!


They made the place mysterious and magical….


Jeff went wading to get some close up photos…



He couldn’t help but make one, leave his mark…..


I can imagine that these piles are a collaboration with  the many visitors to the lighthouse.


Or did a single person or group come and start this nature art project one day….


Does this happen every summer?  I know the ice would not allow these monuments to stand over the winter.


Intriguing.  And these cairns will be what I remember most about our quick little Mission Point visit.

A Memorable trip


Over the weekend, Jeff and I went to Charlevoix to celebrate the life of my dear friend’s husband, Bill Briggs.  He passed away very unexpectedly last month.  Kathie held his memorial on his birthday, July 19 and made Bill a very special gift….the story can be read on her blog, here.

A couple of Kathie’s high school friends also attended Bill’s memorial.  Their names are also Kathy! 

Here are the three Kathie’s:


The three Kathie’s each had Jeff’s Aunt, Miss Essler,  as a speech teacher way back when, at Marian High School in Southfield.   I got the impression Miss Essler was a teacher with high expectations, but was liked and respected by the girls. 

This is Aunt Nan, in a photo from Kathie’s yearbook:


One of the Kathie’s mentioned that she recognized the “mischievous” glint in Jeff’s eye, as Miss Essler had the same glint. 

Do you agree?


We stopped to see Aunt Nan in Traverse City, and had a good visit.  Nan is still as sharp as a tack, with a voracious appetite for reading.  She is the type of person that has stories to tell!  Her body is not quite cooperative enough these days, but her wit, curiosity and intelligence keep her going.  I really enjoyed our short time with her.