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Weekend amusement


Besides spending alot of time outdoors this weekend, enjoying the first nice days of spring, I got together with my “Running with Scissors” friends making some very fun, funky creatures on Saturday afternoon.   Okay, some people golf, some shop, other’s might get together with friends and play cards, drink, smoke, etc. etc.  I on the other hand, get together with friends and make “Stupid Sock Creatures”(a title to one of the books that started this craze).   I am fortunate to have found friends who are hooked on “making things” as I am.  Truly, sometimes it doesn’t matter what I am making,  its the process that I enjoy so very much.   And, I also believe that everything you do adds to your design sense, base of knowledge on your craft, and your skills.  Yes, even sock monkeys.   Thanks everyone for the adventure.  And especially thank you to Katy.  I did not bring a pair of socks, and Katy graciously gave me one of her pairs( I brought odd socks, one of a kinds…have alot of those at my house). 

Here is a slideshow, I think I have included everyone, and apologize if I accidently missed someone.


Take it Further Challenge-February


Colors playing against each other….blue and orange competing for attention on opposite sides of the color wheel.  I liked this arrangement, but I like the next one better.

I decided to forego the circle template and just free hand cut.  Much more interesting being purposely off kilter.  Added some wool fleece by needle felting to give the circles a more organic look.  And free motion embroidered the background, touching the circles to hold them down.  This piece needs a little more stitching, maybe some beads.  Perhaps it will become another pillow (12 x 12 inches), or a small purse/pouch, or ?????.  Welcome any suggestions. 

Photoshopping for an avator


Most of you know what an avator is, but for you Mom, an avator is a computer user’s representation of him/herself, an image, an icon.  I just made one for myself using photoshop elements.  Here I am, larger than life:  cutout2.jpgWant to know how I did it? I found this picture of my new beautiful DIL, Amber, and I.1-11-08-tj-ambers-wedding-163.jpg

I cropped her out, in photoshop, (sorry Amber)  1-11-08-tj-ambers-wedding-163b.jpg

Lastly, I applied a filter, under “Artistic”, then “cutout”

And lastly, I uploaded it to my blog and it was further cropped to fit.