Waiting for you

The gazebo is ready and waiting for you, the iced tea (or mojito) will just take a minute to make.  Come visit me.


Yay for May

 My journal records something to remember about each day with paint added for fun.  Some months have many drawings, this month not so.

Nothing exciting here, just a pretty content and happy month.

Favorite things

The family cottage is steeped in memories and filled with momentos.  These two collages are treasured by our family.  They were put together by my MIL, D’mama Elaine.

This first one is all about fishing, catching “the big one”.  I love the photo on the right of my BIL Jim…showing off his not so big catch.  And the one of TJ, proudly holding a pine snake.  The girl fisherperson is Lisa, the fish practically jump on the pier or boat for her!

This next collage is of all the grandchildren, our children…they are all grown up now.  Many have kids of their own.  These cousins are all still close, helped by the time we all had together at the cottage.  Perhaps my favorite is little Emily next to big dog Mika.

Thank you to Jack and Elaine for welcoming us, putting up with the chaos, and helping us be a close knit family here on the beach.