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Sewing Sunday



I spent a glorious winter afternoon in my sewing room.    I have to thank my family and friends who generously give me mending to do, it gets me going…really and truly!

Sewing, now, is one long list of things to finish.   I have quilts to finish for my grandchildren, gifts to make, projects that I bought supplies for but never got to.   This is wearing me down, and I want to get these dozen or so things out-of-the-way, and probably let go of another dozen ideas.   Having a list hanging over one’s head is discouraging.  Must finish or let go.

Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand. – Euripides

You are quite right, Mr. Euripides.

I’m very happy to have finished this and to wrap myself up in it:


These little’s love this quilt…..”find the turtle, where is the cat, what does the horse say”…a bonus that I didn’t anticipate when I bought the fabric a couple of years ago!




So glad its finished, and well before winter is over.  The fabric is from the Folklorica line, by Julie Paschkis.  I love ALL her fabrics, illustrations and artwork.


New Old Christmas Stockings



I have an old, tattered quilt made by my great grand mother.  VERY tattered.  Thread bare.  Holey.

I knew I was saving it for a good reason! That quilt became six Christmas stockings today.  I cut, sewed and pressed my way through this cold gray day.

I set out to improve the design of our Christmas stockings by making them wider  and a roomier toe area.  I lined them with a sturdy fabric, so despite the delicate fabrics they are quite hefty, albeit a bit shabby looking.  They will hold a children’s book, chunky toys, tins.  I have more options when I shop for stocking stuffers now.  And the old quilt is out of the box, living its second life.



I will add a red bow and name tags.


Stitching leaves


My group, “Running with Scissors” issued a challenge for the end of January for a small art piece with the theme of Notan.

definition of Notan:

the combination of lights and darks esp. as used in Japanese art : the design or pattern of a work of art as seen in flat areas of dark and light values only –MerrimanWebster

I wanted to participate in the challenge, and was searching for a way.  I remembered the fern silk screen prints I did this summer.  They are high contrast, light/dark….perfect.

Here are the three I’ve finished, they are all 7.5 inches square, mounted inside a 12 inch square mat:



Red accent:


One goal for these pieces is simplicity, just a few accent embroidery stitches and/or a few glass tiles added:



I was looking for elements to add, something unexpected…and thought of my bins of colored glass squares.  Why not!  Combining mosaic and stitch would be an interesting path to explore.  .

I have many more screen prints to work on…and plan on doing a black, white and emerald green design next.

Productive weekend


The fall seems to have brought a new energy to me!  I’m so thankful….in May  and June of 2013 I am having a show of my work at 212 Art Center in Saline.   Its time to focus on having a body of work ready for this exhibition, it will be here before I know it!   My plan is for a large part of the show to be mosaic.  Additionally, I have a collection of vintage windows that are inspiring to me.   Glass on glass mosaics are beautiful, with the light shining through and reflecting…and that is what I am prepared to work on.  I, sort of, completed one this weekend….


with the sun behind it:


The clear glass I used looks white because of the still wet glue:



The title of this mosaic window is “Nine Fruits”, but do not look for tangible fruit like apples, peaches and oranges in my mosaic.  As many of you know last year I embarked on a bible study of the Acts of the Apostles along with many of the epistles, and this mosaic is a reaction to that study.   Each of the nine sections references a fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.  If you look at the lower third of the detail photo below you will see the word kindness….


Each fruit speaks of one of the visible attributes of living a true Christian life.  They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  I had trouble with the words self control….maybe because it was two words, maybe because it was so modern sounding…I choose  temperance instead of the words self control.  Although I didn’t start this window with the idea of reflecting on my experience and knowledge learned from studying Acts…it has indeed become meaningful in this way!  Hmmmm….nice. 

The mosaic is now sitting in the bay window of my back porch….I’m pondering, do I grout it white or do I not grout it at all.  I’m leaning towards grouting it….but may make a smaller piece to test first.  So that is why I am finished, but not really. 

Also this weekend, I started the fall production of my brooches out of wool sweaters I’ve felted…and zippers. 


I really enjoyed playing around with embroidery on these….

Have a good Monday….

Easily entertained


I love to stitch words onto antique doilies and linens…..

hope infinitely

Just for the fun of it.  Just because I like to rescue these old things out of thrift shops and don’t want them sitting in a box in my basement until they rot.  Because I value the hand stitches of the past,  patiently worked, stitched with care for someone.   Because these linens remind me of my grandmothers, and the smell of fresh laundry and ironing.  Because I love words-well-thought and words- well-said (usually not my own).

This one already had the flowers, I simply added the words.



I’m experimenting with framing my small embroidered pieces.  The two I’m finishing are just 8 inches square.  They need a little something to give them presence.  But paper mats against the fabric just don’t do IT for me…


And below the same mat covered with fabric….IMG_1703

Of course, the frame will make a big difference too. 

Here is the another piece I’ve just completed, with a fabric covered mat:


This fabric was a fabulous hand dye made by Kat, so perfect for this piece. 

Now I am searching for frames….and I know some talented wood workers… you think maybe they would…..doesn’t hurt to ask!