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December doings







Pieced together a quilt for the toddler’s at C’s nursery school.  It will be raffled off tonight as a fundraiser for the school.  Hope they like it! 

I’ve been working on small mosaics for the 212 Holiday Show.  Lake Michigan sunrises on stones collected from Lake Michigan.  Also hearts…thinking Paul Simon…She loves me like a rock of ages, she loves me.  Tile trivets.  And lastly, flower pins. 

It was a rush, a push to finish these things.  Now I’m done.  (Deep breath of satisfaction.)

Tomorrow I will shop the 212 Christmas Sale….a fun Christmas tradition! 

I’m missin’ y’all….


Coming up for a breath….

I’ve been making these, held captive in my workroom:


This year, I am not producing as many.  Also each one is more labor intensive as I needle felt the wool before cutting out the petals.    But I think they are more interesting, and different from last year’s poinsettias.  They are smaller too, about 2.5 inches in diameter.

Note my quite messy, and unedited,  but very workable setup on the old hoosier:


Also note at the front center of my desk the magnifying glass I wear around my neck!   So uncool. but it works wonderfully by balancing on my chest just below the collarbone.  It is a handydandy thing, for these eyes, and I am not proud!  I no longer have to slouch and look above my glasses with my work about 6 inches from my face.  So in case you are interested in one for yourself,   I got it at JoAnn’s a few years ago but never really used it until now.  I notice they no longer carry my exact one, but sell a similar one that has LED lights and I note a multitude of styles are available at other retail stores. 

These brooches are something that I might complain about making, but really I quite enjoy the process.  I will also make some of my zipper pins and a few leather ones also….’tis the season!  TTYS….

Productive weekend


The fall seems to have brought a new energy to me!  I’m so thankful….in May  and June of 2013 I am having a show of my work at 212 Art Center in Saline.   Its time to focus on having a body of work ready for this exhibition, it will be here before I know it!   My plan is for a large part of the show to be mosaic.  Additionally, I have a collection of vintage windows that are inspiring to me.   Glass on glass mosaics are beautiful, with the light shining through and reflecting…and that is what I am prepared to work on.  I, sort of, completed one this weekend….


with the sun behind it:


The clear glass I used looks white because of the still wet glue:



The title of this mosaic window is “Nine Fruits”, but do not look for tangible fruit like apples, peaches and oranges in my mosaic.  As many of you know last year I embarked on a bible study of the Acts of the Apostles along with many of the epistles, and this mosaic is a reaction to that study.   Each of the nine sections references a fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.  If you look at the lower third of the detail photo below you will see the word kindness….


Each fruit speaks of one of the visible attributes of living a true Christian life.  They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  I had trouble with the words self control….maybe because it was two words, maybe because it was so modern sounding…I choose  temperance instead of the words self control.  Although I didn’t start this window with the idea of reflecting on my experience and knowledge learned from studying Acts…it has indeed become meaningful in this way!  Hmmmm….nice. 

The mosaic is now sitting in the bay window of my back porch….I’m pondering, do I grout it white or do I not grout it at all.  I’m leaning towards grouting it….but may make a smaller piece to test first.  So that is why I am finished, but not really. 

Also this weekend, I started the fall production of my brooches out of wool sweaters I’ve felted…and zippers. 


I really enjoyed playing around with embroidery on these….

Have a good Monday….

Grand Flower Finale


Hello December!   I am trying to stick to my resolution of finishing off flower production on November 30–yesterday.  Can I just qualify that by saying that I may make a few more, but it won’t be my FULL TIME JOB during the month of December.    There is Christmas to prepare for, friends to get together with, other gifts to make……

I’ve finished off the season with some wintery wooly brooches that I think are just right.  They are great for the holiday season, but I will wear mine all winter.     And many thanks to my friend who donated the beautiful mohair plaid sweater I’ve  felted  for these brooches! 

IMG_0754 Old World Santa is partial to red as an accessory also….I made this Santa years ago. 

Makings, 11-11


Hi friends….I’m in the midst of one last effort at flower production and pushing for completion by the end of November.  Then I’m Done, Finished for 2011.  December will be the time to enjoy the Christmas season of celebrations with family and friends.   And just to ensure I follow through on this plan I have only a  limited number of pin backs to use up.  After that, they are gone and I will not be buying anymore until next year! 

Poinsettias pins are so popular!  A little sparkle and rich colors just look and feel just right this time of year.  This years poinsettias are much smaller than last seasons, even so they are just as detailed. 


There are so many ideas floating around in this brain right now!  In 2012,  I plan to make fewer brooches, but experiment with more complicated designs and bring something new to share at the table that I hope will knock your socks off!      Here are my most recent efforts: 

IMG_0682 The above brooch is quite dramatic and large, its materials are felted wool sweater fabric, brass zipper pieces and a vintage button  Its more difficult to make smaller size brooches, they seem to grow large quickly!  The one below is much smaller and something I would personally be more comfortable wearing.  (Although, I wish I would have added a couple of leaves). 

IMG_0685 The leaf shape is currently my favorite to experiment with.    I used black thread with gold accents to embroider this one.   Loving the opportunity to embroider! 

IMG_0686 I totally owe the inspiration to use zippers in this way to amazing work of Odile Gova.  (See my blob(g) post about it here.)   Visit Odile’s etsy shop here.    She  generously shared her technique and urges her readers to try it and then make it their own.  And that, is just what I am working on!