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Colorful collaboration


I just finished the bindings on the two quilts made by the members of my fiber arts group, Running with Scissors

They are kaleidoscope quilts……and contain over one thousand different fabrics!


I love the dose of color therapy they offer.  And I love their bohemian aesthetic….gypsy quilts!


Each is twin size, and will be offered as a fundraiser to a local charity….specific details will soon follow


Here are the quilt backs, same print in green and orange:



Need a little color this winter?

Ebay Charity Auction


I’ve posted a few photos over the last YEAR (here and here) about my fiber art group, Running with Scissors, collaborating on a quilt to be auctioned off for a local charitable organization.  Here is our red and white quilt, completely finished: 


It turned out just beautifully, don’t you think?  Our charity of choice is Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan.    We have listed it on Ebay,  through Ebay Giving Works.   The auction starts today, and continues for 10 days.   I am confident that someone (or even better, several) will fall in love, and place a bid.  Could that be you or someone you know????

Please visit here:  Running with Scissors Collaborative Quilt

Doings, 2-22-12


This week…..

The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path.  ~Mason Cooley

Adding to that thought…whatever I placed on the living room carpet, Bibby made sure to make a mess of:


As soon as I walked out of the room, she would do her little gremlin mischief….wish I could have caught her in the act.

But in the end, despite her entertaining disruptions, I was able to sew together this quilt:


It’s a large double,  in size.  I’m considering borders, making it large enough for a queen-sized bed.  If you remember, this quilt is a collaboration between members of my Running with Scissors group.    Ebay has a charity auction site, and will send the proceeds from a raffle directly to an organization of our choice….I hope to use this service and auction off this quilt.

But first, I’m still pondering, maybe a large red and white zigzag border (think huge rickrack) going around the edge.  I’m kind of liking that idea….hmmmmm…..And then, we need to get it quilted professionally because it’s so large…and we are not the hand quilting types!

A pleasant Sunday afternoon….


Spent with like-minded, impassioned people.  Those who love to work with color, fabric and stitches…

I worked with my Running with Scissors group, a day of picking Kat’s brain, and being inspired by her creative mind.  She has made a series of art quilts called “Secret Life Quilts”.  They ooze with the sensibilities, personality and humor of my friend, Kat.  I have a smile from the heart when I see these quilts.  I think the group felt the same and wanted to have a go at trying out Kat’s idea.  So we all made our own Secret Life quilt.

Many many piles of fabric, all willing to share what they had:


Took and Ruth working away:


Jane’s black cat quilt was my absolute favorite:


There’s Leann….undoubtedly cooking up some trouble….with Barb out of the photo, but you can see her shark jumping out of the water:


Well, maybe Johanna’s pipe smoking dog is my favorite:


And here is my lady, who has a hibiscus in her hair and is ready to fly away from snow, and winter, and ice for sandy beaches and palm trees…..


Thank you Kat, I have learned so much from you…today and every other day, you are a light!.  And RWS friends…you are all wonderful,  creative friends and inspirations!

You can see many of Kat’s Secret Life quilts on her blog, here.

What doings….


I’m working on a collaboration project for my group “Running with Scissors”,  a quilt to donate to a charity…Safe House.   In December, the call was put out for wonky striped 18 inch blocks in red and white, .  The response from our group members was instant… are the most of the blocks auditioned on the kitchen floor:


Today, Patrice came over and we worked on our plan….cut each of these large squares into 4 smaller ones and see if we have enough.  Here is the result….taaadaaaa…..


Much more interesting, wouldn’t you agree???  Patrice and I will add a few more blocks, grow it into a twin size.  We’ll definitely include a few more diagonal ones….we just love surprise and movement of the diagonal squares mixed in.  (My friend Kat claimed she didn’t read the directions and mistakenly made diagonally set squares…but I think it was instinct, she knew we needed these!) 

Here is something Jackie made for her friend Alicia, a birthday present….using some of my screen printed fabric, stencils and paint on a canvas……


And, ain’t that the truth! 

Next day or two…photos from Virginia. 

You are invited….


To visit a lovely gallery in scenic Saline, because……

Lynn’s exhibit, “Breaking Traditions, With One Voice” has arrived at  212 Arts Center in Saline Michigan for the month of July.  The work in Breaking  Traditions is dynamic!  And (this is a big AND!) a few other artists and I are very fortunate to be asked to exhibit along with it.   We filled a room exclusively with my work, 25 plus pieces!  Hope you can come to the gallery reception event this Friday,  July 17, from 7-9PM.  See you there……