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Meet Lili

Meet Lili

Jeff and I were not looking for a cat.
We knew Jeff’s sister needed to find a home for her’s though.
I resisted, until a moment when she intently stared at me with those big beautiful eyes and I knew right then we would be taking her home.  When I told Jeff, he  glanced at me with a look that said “I agree, glad you finally came around”.

No regrets.  She is a good kitty, we are getting  acquainted more every day.

Lili.   I’ve decided this stands for “little lioness”.  Although, at 18 pounds she is not a little cat.

She’s 8 years old, mostly sedentary and sweet, a little shy.  She has a judgement process for our guests…and you are either immediately accepted, or hidden from.  Loves  being brushed, and moves around on my lap so I don’t miss a spot.
She likes Jeff and I equally well, but whoever rubs her ears the hardest is her favorite.  We enjoy hearing her slow, heavy steps move about the house.

The vet says she is a “Norwegian Forest Cat”.  She does have an exotic look with her slightly curled ears and stub of a tail





Yes, it’s good to have a kitty around again.  And Lili is happy here with us, too.





We have a house guest.  This girl has matured  and deals with that collar and being away from her people with grace.  The only sign of discontent is that look she’s giving me.  If Kirra can adjust, any of us can.

Its time



Last night I considered issuing a challenge to myself as well as my other “blobbing” friends to post every single day for the rest of December.  Then I rethought the situation and just committed to myself without a public announcement.  Ha, I was busted….Capri Lis must have read my blob before I edited the challenge out of it! 

Here we go.  Its time to either get back in the saddle, or sell the horse!  I will do my darnest to post a photo, at least one photo, everyday for the rest of the month of December.  I hope to develop the habit again and keep up with my 8 years of memories, moments and accomplishments. 

Won’t you consider joining me?  Just one photo a day!  This is a good time of year to try!  Come on, give it a go!

Cousin Emily drove up from South Carolina with her dog, Dobby.   She is with Jackie, and Tucker….and can you see Kirra behind them? 


Tis the season to see the special people you love.  And I am so happy to see Emily again! 

The daily


The WordPress snow is back!   I enjoy their gently falling snow,  without any accumulation.




Jackie’s Tucker (the dog), and Finnegan.  I can visit them everyday, and walk Tucker whenever I want.  Its nice that I have the benefits of a pet, without the responsibilities.  (I keep repeating this to myself.)




I took her in this morning, to do the humane thing. We said goodbye over the weekend, I kept her company all last night when she was just hanging on.  I was prepared and she let me know it was time to go.  Doesn’t make it any easier.  I’m just very thankful that I had warning, and had an extra month with her thanks to the medications she was on. 


She’s joined her buddy Marlo….

9-14-08 007

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat. -Leo Dworkin

6-29-08 003

Looking for quality, if not quantity



Bibbs has been feeling poorly.



The vet has given her meds that give her a better appetite….and they are working, it seems.


I started feeding her tuna and scrambled eggs…the tuna got her eating again!  Then she even ate some of her regular crunchy food. 

Today I bought her a smorgasbord of tuna cat delicacies,  and will thoroughly enjoy spoiling this kitty. 


Missy Bibby, hope you get back to your old sweet and sassy self. 

The vet suspects she has stomach cancer.  This came on fast.   I thought she had eaten some grass I had in a flower arrangement on the dining room table.  But no, after an xray she obviously had more of a problem.  So we are doing what we can to help her enjoy the rest of her life.  Sad, but the way it is.  She’s 9.  So glad she chose me 8 years ago, just wishing for more time right now. 

Give your beloved pet some extra attention today, we do not know how long they are entrusted  to us. 

Frosty morning….


Yesterday morning I saw a friend who has been through so much. She had serious medical complications after surgery, developed sepsis, underwent 8 more surgeries and spent months in the intensive care unit. Her recovery is a miracle.

What sustained my friend as she was going through this?  Her Faith, the love of her family and friends, and the hope of getting back to her normal—getting back to work, her hobby of quilting, and the ability to do everyday stuff like dishes, laundry, etc etc…Yes, all that stuff I hardly acknowledge as I go through the days.   She was also counting her blessings…so many all through this ordeal.  She found the rainbow despite the rain.   I’ll be thinking of her and her inspiring story for a long time. 

But, jumping to another topic.  Lately, I’ve been watching the pups, Marlo.   She is getting older(she’s 12), and slowing down.  I haven’t been able to walk her for the past couple weeks because she limps after walking on the asphalt.  I give her a break for a week, she seems better, but then the same thing happens.  Poor girl, she LOVES her walks. 


As a consolation the M also loves to roam the back yard and happily SNIFF…..


I myself roamed and happily clicked….here is some of what I found:






In this post I’ve touched on my friend’s second chance at life, Marlo’s approaching end season of life, and now new life!  Because we, as a family,  are waiting, hoping, and praying.  In less than eight weeks, we will welcome a  GRANDDAUGHTER!  Be still my heart…a precious little Granddaughter!  God bless her and see her safely into this world.