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Livonia Garden Walk


Jeff, Codi and I toured  several  local gardens last Saturday.   

Such a perfect Day to enjoy the hard work put into these gorgeous places!

An artist was in the structure, plein air painting.

Charming area, but no sign of chickens in the coop.

Tricolor beech….all season beautiful color.

Codi loved hanging out in the gardens, eating a cookie or two. 

This garden was especially artistic.

I am in love with this plant…rose campion.

Fireworks on a stem!  Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

Gravitational pull


What is it about him, all the kid’s flock to be around him.  Uncle Kevin.

Had a great afternoon with my nephews and their families today.  And yes, there is Uncle Kevin again, the favorite target for water balloons.

The sand box had many occupants.

We celebrated Natalie’s birthday.  Here she is reading her cards, with Colton ready to help if needed.  They are growing up quick!

Judging from her reaction, she loved the Paris themed quilt I made for her.  ❤❤❤

Handmade Giving


Christmas gifts, handmade.  This year I managed to complete a few….

I made the babies, mobiles…fish mobiles. They are very crude paintings, but a good way to practice watercolor, and maybe improve my skills.  After painting  about 20 fish, I choose my favorites


One nice thing is the babies aren’t judgmental yet about messy watercolor fish!

Mobiles are VERY hard to photograph…


the back of the fish are painted in wavy patterns….


.I used clear package tape to stiffen the watercolor paper….


I definitely learned a bit about making mobiles with this first attempt, and the next one would be an improvement.

I also finished up a twin size quilt for a good friend’s grandson:


And lastly, I made a doll basket for little Missy Codi’s first birthday!


Complete with a pillow and blanket. Thank you Gail for the patchwork squares that I joined together to make the fabric..  This outer fabric is special and unique!  In case you need to make one, the pattern is here.


I hope the recipients enjoy these goodies as much as I enjoyed making them!

Colorful collaboration


I just finished the bindings on the two quilts made by the members of my fiber arts group, Running with Scissors

They are kaleidoscope quilts……and contain over one thousand different fabrics!


I love the dose of color therapy they offer.  And I love their bohemian aesthetic….gypsy quilts!


Each is twin size, and will be offered as a fundraiser to a local charity….specific details will soon follow


Here are the quilt backs, same print in green and orange:



Need a little color this winter?

December doings







Pieced together a quilt for the toddler’s at C’s nursery school.  It will be raffled off tonight as a fundraiser for the school.  Hope they like it! 

I’ve been working on small mosaics for the 212 Holiday Show.  Lake Michigan sunrises on stones collected from Lake Michigan.  Also hearts…thinking Paul Simon…She loves me like a rock of ages, she loves me.  Tile trivets.  And lastly, flower pins. 

It was a rush, a push to finish these things.  Now I’m done.  (Deep breath of satisfaction.)

Tomorrow I will shop the 212 Christmas Sale….a fun Christmas tradition! 

Ebay Charity Auction


I’ve posted a few photos over the last YEAR (here and here) about my fiber art group, Running with Scissors, collaborating on a quilt to be auctioned off for a local charitable organization.  Here is our red and white quilt, completely finished: 


It turned out just beautifully, don’t you think?  Our charity of choice is Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan.    We have listed it on Ebay,  through Ebay Giving Works.   The auction starts today, and continues for 10 days.   I am confident that someone (or even better, several) will fall in love, and place a bid.  Could that be you or someone you know????

Please visit here:  Running with Scissors Collaborative Quilt