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Windows up


This was a nice spring weekend.  Friday and Saturday were beautiful, warm and sunny.  Sunday was full of spring showers.  Not a snowflake in sight! 

Last week was a beehive of activity here.  We framed and wired hangers. Jeff made boxes from discards we’ve been saving. We packed everything up and filled the kitchen with all the boxes:


This little pile filled my car to the roof, and weighed a ton! 

On Friday, the show was hung….and all I can say is that we feel accomplishment.  It all came together. 

So now I am looking forward to a little rest, some time gardening, and giving the house a little TLC. 

But of course, I also started a new mosaic, just for fun…a glowing heart:


Grouting, grouting, grouting….


I finished the pile of mosaics.  And doing a happy dance!

Another window is completely finished, including backlighting by Jeff:


This is another salvaged window, complete with peeling paint that I find quite charming.  Its filled with opaque, clear and mirrored glass and beads.  I’m not sure what these flowers are.  Maybe poppies, maybe scabiosa?  But regardless, they were definitely inspired by this piece of fabric:


You can see I’m using my fabric stash, though not in the intended way!

Also, we previewed the school of fish swimming on the wall…this is just a quick hanging, not an “official” layout for the installation:


Never mind the electric plug!   Seeing them hanging, I decided they needed a plant to congregate around.  Yesterday, Jeff went into the garage and constructed one for me:


When done, it will hang on the wall with the fish.

I quickly got to work placing the glass:


Well, I am not done grouting after all!

These delightful miniature daffodils are brought to you in honor of Earth Day!


They are growing along Stephanie’s front walk….



Enjoy your day!

Weekend delights…







Our little’s came over with their dad for a visit on Saturday.  Their momma was having a well deserved rest.  They were just as precious as could be.  “She” is 3 months old already, and is a smiling sweetheart.  Colton loves to experiment with his camera smile, and wrestle with Gramps.  He is a sweet, kind, funny and lively boy!  Whenever they come over, it turns into a impromptu family event.  Steph, Derek, Jackie and Kevin came over, we grilled burgers, and had a afternoon that was just perfect!   

But, the weekend involved much focused work too….




The porch has turned into a temporary work area.  Above are frames made by Jeff’s brother, John.  Jeff cut all the glass for them and they’ll receive paint and stain.  Next I’ll clear away all the frames and turn the sawhorse table into a grouting work space….giving up on warm outdoor weather for grouting. 

But I did observe some hopeful signs that spring really has arrived:




We also went to a play on Friday night. The first ever performance of “Clutter”, written by local playwright Brian Cox.  It was an introspective and retrospective look at a marriage…Jeff and I loved it! 

Did you find yourself doing your taxes this weekend, or something better? 

Back lighting


Several of my mosaics for the show are glass on glass, they are translucent….wonderful, right?  Well, it presents a problem.  Whatever is behind helps color and illuminate the artwork.  Sky, foliage, daylight…or in the case of a gallery setting…the wall color. Without any backlighting, the effect is somewhat dull.  I want my glass pieces to sparkle and shine, as in this quote:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” –Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I hung my mosaic titled “9 Gifts” on my dining room wall that’s painted the color Bee’s Wax.  It definitely needed a “light from within”.

And of course, Jeff had a set of LED lights with a sticky back.  That man always has a trick up his sleeve!  He is quite amazing, I must say!  Here they are on the back of the window, temporarily wired:


Here is the mosaic, glowing from within:


Note the peeling paint, and lack of grout!  My final answer.  I love the patina of the old paint and the crackily effect of the clear glass without grout. 

And with the lights dimmed:


The show…”Windows 2.013” is getting very close.  Jeff and I keep coming up with new ideas….the only thing holding us back is the ticking clock!  Why does it always happen this way…guess we work best under pressure. 

Looking into the goldfish bowl….



I’ve finished my school of comet goldfish.  This was a project Jeff and I worked together on.  He made the metal frames, and I filled the frames with glass mosaic.  The smallest one is 17 inches, with the longest measuring almost 24 inches.  I wanted a large piece to hang in my show at 212 Arts Center.    I do hope they look impressive on the wall.  Each is one of a kind, and each one has slightly different coloring.  Goldfish are happy and hardy, they always bring a smile to whoever they encounter…

Still waiting for a good grouting day outdoors….the pile of mosaics to grout is getting out of control! 

Mosaics complete, kinda, almost


I’ve postponed showing you these, thinking I could grout them.  But, no.  Still waiting for a warm, sunny day. 

This one is Mexican Sunflower.  It all started with the squiggly brass wire as inspiration.



And, a horse, of course….along with Mr. T (Tucker).  I think Tucker’s lusting after the freedom this horse is apparently enjoying by running free in a field.

Clay fish out of the kiln


I spent some time in 212 Art Center’s pottery studio a bit ago, and used Jeff’s metal fish as big cookie cutters.  That is, clay cutters….the unfired results are pictured here.   

I glazed them and now have them in my possession…I was so excited to see the finish on them, as glazing is pretty much a blind process for me.  I used many colors and layers, and the results are never predictable. 

The bluegill is my least favorite.  Something is just very wrong with him, specifically his coloring and the placement of the eye.  Even though I was not going for realism, I just didn’t get him right!  But, if I look at him and don’t try to picture him as a bluegill, he’s not horrible to me…..


The perch turned out very “”Perchy”, do you recognize him?  He’s a pleasant looking fellow.  I’m really surprised at how BLACK the black glaze turned out. 


Now, let me introduce the Rainbow Trout, my most favorite cookie cutter fish…for whom I had high hopes for: 


He is not anatomically correct!  Look at that puppy dog ear near his eye, that’s was meant to be a lower fin.  I do like his coloring, but cannot get past that ear.  Jeff and I were standing together, trying to figure out what to do…and Jeff pointed out that I had simply put the eye in the wrong spot.  The trout should be swimming in the opposite direction and the eye had to be moved. 


He sliced that eye off, and managed to save it, too.  Now, the fish looks 90 percent better to me, except for that white dot of unglazed clay from the original eye. Next, quite accidently, a bit of magic happened.   I made him just a little shorter, replaced the eye in a believable spot, and voila….IMG_2588

Maybe the bluegill’s gill will become a lure:


So  glad I was able to save him, I like him too much to just throw him back!