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Painting the Days


I started a new journal this week, and tomorrow I am ditching it.  The paper is just too thin for watercolor.  I will be back to the smaller, spiral bound book next week.  

What a mashup of journals and styles I’ve had this year.  I started the year with daily pages, then switched to monthly spread with tiny daily entries.  Now back to daily.  I like the habit of drawing something daily.  

Here are my favorite pages of the week….

My 2015 Journal


Hello Friends.  Just stopping in for a minute.  This month has a case of the “hectic”, as Capri K would say! 

I wanted to show you the first two months of the year, as recorded in my journal.

Nothing earth shattering here, just recording the best part of each day….using my rudimentary sketching skills.  drawing and painting in my journal is one of the treasured moments of my morning routine.


February flew by, and looks pretty rosy…definitely my outlook during this fun month of travel! 


All rightee, back to work for me.  Thanks for stopping in. 

February’s calendar



2014 is Marching along……here is my calendar grid of little drawings for February:


closer ups…..



February was quite the wintery month, all the hearts and colors hide the dullness of the many “snirt” piles that inhabit my world! 

We did have something very special happen on Valentine’s Day….Jackie and Kevin are engaged!  So happy for them.  And now we have a wedding to plan for….in 2015!  If get permission from the parties involved, I’d love to share with you the most wonderful way Kevin surprised Jackie with a proposal and ring. 

I am ready for all things spring!  This little quote sums the month up perfectly:

February is only as long as needed to pass the time until March.  –Dr J.R. Stockton

January illustrated


I received a beautiful journal from Kat, as a gift at Christmas.   The journal is completely handmade, with watercolor papers bound within a beautifully collaged, stitched and painted fabric cover.  IMG_4388

Its so very special,  I want to use it up, every last page (there are 60).  So after looking for inspiration on the web and Pinterest,  I found Joanne Sharpe’s “Draw your Awesome Life”.  Her plan for an annual journal setup was most helpful, as well as her drawing lessons and tips.  Truth be told, though,  I have strayed off in my own direction; choosing to fill my book with simple watercolors and pen.  (I know Joanne would love that.)

The title page of my journal:


Here is my favorite part, I made a calendar grid over two pages for the month of January.   I get to draw and paint a little something every single day.    A lovely ritual to get the day started.  Of course, many mornings I don’t have the time.  But how I look forward to days when I can have an extra cup or two of coffee, and play around with pen and paint.    Today I caught up on three or four days…that’s the way it will go, I’m sure.

Here’s January…. quite the busy month….


As you can see, I have chosen to accentuate the positive aspects of my days, no drama or whining allowed.   I’ll be interested to see how my drawing and painting skills and style develop over the months.   Anyone want to join the fun of this? Any blank calendar or journal would work…the year is still young.

Other artists’ who inspire me with their watercolor journals,  techniques and tutorials are Danny Gregory, Jane LaFazio , and Jean Canavan (who teaches at 212 Art Center)  Do you know of another watercolor journal keeper that you find inspiring or are you yourself one?  Please do share a link in the comments.

Handmade Giving


Christmas gifts, handmade.  This year I managed to complete a few….

I made the babies, mobiles…fish mobiles. They are very crude paintings, but a good way to practice watercolor, and maybe improve my skills.  After painting  about 20 fish, I choose my favorites


One nice thing is the babies aren’t judgmental yet about messy watercolor fish!

Mobiles are VERY hard to photograph…


the back of the fish are painted in wavy patterns….


.I used clear package tape to stiffen the watercolor paper….


I definitely learned a bit about making mobiles with this first attempt, and the next one would be an improvement.

I also finished up a twin size quilt for a good friend’s grandson:


And lastly, I made a doll basket for little Missy Codi’s first birthday!


Complete with a pillow and blanket. Thank you Gail for the patchwork squares that I joined together to make the fabric..  This outer fabric is special and unique!  In case you need to make one, the pattern is here.


I hope the recipients enjoy these goodies as much as I enjoyed making them!

Watercolor journal


While at our cottage in the Upper Peninsula in August, I tried to draw or paint everyday.  Today, I  share my finished (somewhat, maybe) journal pages with you.

This is a sketch of our little beach and bay, with the shallow reef showing in the water, Wiggins Point in the distance, Jeff’s boat, and the wooden pelican(carved by Jeff’s dad, years ago)  at the base of the flag pole.   Primitive painting, yes, but I like it.


On the next two pages, I looked in the other direction, out at Lake Michigan.  The milkweed was blooming, and I included a glimpse of the horseshoe pit in the lower right corner.  It was a cloudy grey day…..I love how these trigger my memories of moments.


My last two pages….a slice of the beach, and wild phlox:


This coming weekend, I go to Saugatuck with my mom and a few ladies from her senior community.  I plan on working with watercolors again, and capture the autumn beach of Lake Michigan…in my journal, just because!