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The cool stuff my guys make


A month or so ago I shared photos of Jeff and TJ’s shop…aka The Playground.  

Today will I share some of what they make.

Here is a short vid of a step in the making of a part….understand that they had to make the fixture that holds the metal being bent.

Automotive components shaped and bent:

Here is a progression of the making of a widget…starting at the bottom and progressing through the steps finishing with a completed part.

A very cool bike rack for a noodle restaurant in Detroit.

Table legs ready for paint and a custom made wood top.

They are thankful that business has been pretty busy!

Honoring the Dad’s


These men have worked hard to be good Dad’s, and I can’t let this day go by without letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated by me!  

This one can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He raised three pretty darn good humans.

And this young man, is a doing a fine job as a kind, loving father…raising them up in the way they should go.

This guy’s job is not an easy one.  Double trouble.  But he is patiently consistent and a good, kind and loving Dad also.

And, last but not least, my Dad.  Miss him, but so glad he was mine!

The playground


I thought you may like to see some of the equipment and projects these two collaborate on at the shop…aka the playground.

I took photos of some of the things at the shop that I thought looked “cool”.  Probably not the photo shots they would have chosen….ūüėĀ

Like the color of this, and patina:


Granite about 4 inches thick 

Careful, do not place your body under the knife area.


Urban skyline:

This machine can sheer a sheet of metal 4 feet wide:

Next time I’ll show you what they make.  These guys are skilled craftsman and artists with metal.  They enjoy working together, and each has his special skills that make them a great team.  May their new venture together continue to grow and prosper!

March road trip


We travelled to Arlington Virginia to attend Jeff’s Uncle’s funeral.

Still pretty  cold up in the mountains, on Skyline Drive:IMG_8720


The valley, where Lisa lives, looked like early spring.  We spent a few days with Lisa and Cam and had a wonderful time exploring their neck of the woods.


We (Lisa, Cam, Jim, Jeff and Deb)  drove to Arlington, which is right across the river from Washington DC


The next day we toured Arlington Cemetery as tourists.  Such a big place, those gravestones go on forever.   They stretch over one hill, up another  and into the horizon.  The road winds for miles and everywhere, in every direction, are the perfectly spaced white marble gravestones.  Each and every stone marking a person, of course,  who devoted their life to serving our country with honor, or gave their life during war.    Very solemn, respectful,  introspective aura about this place and its visitors.



Over night it snowed about 7 inches. the day of the funeral presented a whole different look to Arlington:


Uncle Paul’s casket was pulled by beautiful black horses through Arlington with cannon’s blasting in the distance, and escorted by sailor’s to his burial site.





The.lone sailor playing taps, really touching…couldn’t help the tears.


He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.  A warm  loving family who were given orders, by Uncle Paul,  to not make people cry at his funeral.  .  So, we all celebrated his full and long life and service with joy and fun remembrances.


I enjoyed hearing the dad and friend stories about Paul, as well as the Admiral Paul stories.   It was quite a celebration!

A Day at the Races


Do you have a bucket list?   Jeff has a bucket list.  And he was very happy to check one item off of it.  I was there, to observe, record and share in the fun.

Two Sundays ago,  the morning of Sept 8th, we drove out Michigan Avenue through Irish Hills, to reach our destination:


It was not a official race day…….


Jeff and TJ had the track almost to themselves…driving…FAST!  But first they were in class for over an hour.  We waited, and looked at all the cool cars….we chose our favorites:


Finally, all the students arrive on the track, all suited up in FIRE SUITS!  Just in case…..


They divided them into groups, and about 6 cars drove the track at the same time.  Jeff went first.  No doors on these cars, you climb in:


Jeff did well, flew around the track his allotted number of laps….and drove faster than he ever has.

Next it was TJ’s turn….tight squeeze:


He really flew…and beat his dad.  They rig the cars so they cannot go faster than 140 mph. The Teej was almost right there.


The guys loved the experience!  Was a fun day for everyone….especially the last stop before heading back home;



Motor boating on the River


Last Saturday on the Saginaw River with my husb….

Here he is, happy in his element, doing one of the things he likes best.


And me too….enjoying a beautiful sunny day with camera in hand.   IMG_7977

A photo tour of our day:

IMG_3400 IMG_3409 IMG_3410

The tall ships were in, they were the main reason we ventured out to Bay City:




We enjoyed viewing them without having to deal with the crowds on shore:




Just becasue we could, we cruised under the Zilwaukee Bridge:


We docked downtown for a delicious lunch:


And ate outdoors, under the umbrellas….


Jeff caught a nice walleye for dinner…


I photographed many waterscapes….






These kind of days, little mini adventures,  are so few and far between!  Why?????

Mr. C’s Handmade Castle


Jeff started with a wooden crate and some mailing tubes…

IMG_0838 Laid out the basic plan…..


Cut down the crate, notched the turrets, cut out a drawbridge(with an opening door, of course),  made a circular stair case and  painted the facade silver and black‚Ķ.






It was an immediate hit‚Ķ.he had lost interest in opening any other gifts! 

IMG_4059 We hope he will add his blocks made by Uncle John, and a whole new imaginary world will entertain him for years….