Honoring the Dad’s

These men have worked hard to be good Dad’s, and I can’t let this day go by without letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated by me!  

This one can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He raised three pretty darn good humans.

And this young man, is a doing a fine job as a kind, loving father…raising them up in the way they should go.

This guy’s job is not an easy one.  Double trouble.  But he is patiently consistent and a good, kind and loving Dad also.

And, last but not least, my Dad.  Miss him, but so glad he was mine!

Gravitational pull

What is it about him, all the kid’s flock to be around him.  Uncle Kevin.

Had a great afternoon with my nephews and their families today.  And yes, there is Uncle Kevin again, the favorite target for water balloons.

The sand box had many occupants.

We celebrated Natalie’s birthday.  Here she is reading her cards, with Colton ready to help if needed.  They are growing up quick!

Judging from her reaction, she loved the Paris themed quilt I made for her.  ❤❤❤

Halloween, then and now


There are my three children, way back when, enjoying the canopy of our long gone maple tree.  The Giving Tree.

Digging through old boxes, looking for Halloween photos.  A daunting task.  But I did find a few.


(Note Jackie’s shoes, above:  “I can do it myself!”)

Here we are a few years later, posing with a big, bad pumpkin.  This was a tradition.  First hunting for the biggest pumpkin, and then drawing designs and finally carving.


Here we go back far,  late 80’s (I wonder who was babysitting)  with my mom and dad, Jeff and I.  Saints and Creeps!


This year, we attended a couple fun evening events with the Littles.  Do you think I would remember to take photos?  Right.  But I did remember when we went to ZooBoo, at the Detroit Zoo.  Thing1 and Thing2 move at the speed of light…one is always a blur…..



I’m hopeful for a great photo with the whole bunch on Halloween.

One year, when my oldest grandson was 4 or 5 years old, he asked me where all my Halloween decorations were.  From then on out, I decided I would not be Grandma Grinch.  I try to decorate for the seasons and holidays.    Adding to the fun and slight scary aura of Halloween, I made a couple things for our home and  to capture little peoples imagination.

My old blueprint cabinet, the first thing one sees as they walk in the side door:


Mr Chillingsworth is a fabric panel, and I love how he fits right in the cabinet.  The top of the cabinet is a little collection from over  the years…my shrine to All Hallows Eve.

I also made a table runner.  My friends shared their fun fabrics with me.  Thank you Gail and Julie, I could not have planned it better.


And looking at the back, Gail’s fabric has me ready for the next holiday!


Judging from the reactions of my grandchildren, my efforts added a bit of intrigue to the season.

Hello again, hello


Thinking back over the summer of 2015, yes the one that passed by at jet speed, I reflect on how good, happy, and busy we were.  We went up north three times, had a wedding, besides all the “regular” stuff.

Just want to share a few photos to show you how our “littles” are growing:

Colton and Codi….(had trouble finding good photos of little Codi)




Aubree and Dylan….






A big big bunch of the fun was had with their cousins over the summer….




Well, maybe Baby L is just a little too little this year to join in the fun… P1040668

An official “Goodbye  to Summer”…..!  And an official end to my blogging hiatus.  I next want to show you what I have been doing.

Warmest autumn wishes to you, thank you for reading!

Backing up a bit

Back to April, the month in pictures…heaven forbid I miss a month of memories!


Easter traditions and festivities:

Easter menu watercolor







A trip to the Detroit Zoo:











On April 19th we had Jackie’s bridal shower at Steph’s house.  I had a blast seeing all my favorite peoples, and meeting so many from Kevin’s family.  We had lasagna and salad, and cupcakes!

I lifted these photos directly off of Facebook, thank you Alicia for remembering to take photos!

Jaclyn and Alicia, the most wonderful and helpful maid of honor one could have:

Jaclyn and Kevin’s sister, Emily:

They seem happy with the quilt I made for them:

The last weekend of April, Jeff and I escaped up to the cabin


….very early spring up there:







Many other events and details of daily life are recorded for posterity in my journal…the pages won’t forget and definitely helped me remember!

Thanks for revisiting April with me!