Ryan and Rachael

Got married on Saturday……

Ryan is my sister’s son……

That boy holds a special place in my heart…..and am so glad he has found the love of his life, and that they are happy, and together…..

9-26-10 041

I wish them many years, a lifetime,  of love and happiness….

9-26-10 074Aren’t they perfect together! 

We all had a really good time at the reception….I got to meet Natalie…..her daddy is my nephew, Ron and his wife is Courtney. 

9-26-10 095

So now both of my sister’s boy’s are married men….one with a child….

Posing with their proud grandparents……..

9-26-10 060


Something caught my eye…

…..as I walked out the door. 

3-10-10 004

The first harbinger of spring got my attention right away…..

And motivated the first walkabout of the year…..

3-10-10 005

The mums have peeked out of the ground. 

3-10-10 006

The “corylus contorta”….corkscrew mulberry,  has the tiniest little red buds on it.

Spring is definitely on its way!

Unfortunately, this is what the crown of the hellebore’s look like right now:


Below is one of those “what is this” photos….guess?????

3-7-10 011

Hoping you can find some sunshine and color today too. 

Happy Things

Lynn, of FibraArtysta, and the sweet bird nest necklace I showed you the other day, has started something lovely this year….a new photo essay blog called 365 Happy Things Project.  I have subscribed to it, and everyday I start my day with one of her photos…they make me smile. 

Don’t you all think that finding “happy things” is really another way to express the gratitude that lives within.   The gratitude for the people, places, things in our life….those little sight, sounds, touches,  that bring warmth, joy, fun into our lives. 

To that end, I have decided to copy Lynn’s concept….hope you don’t mind, Lynn….and mark some of the happy things in my life every once in a while.  And here is my first:

The musician IZ, and his ukulele combine to make a beautiful noise.  If you’re familiar with IZ,you’ve heard this song:

Try some of his other music…Beautiful!  Where have I been, he passed away in 1997.  His music lives on.  I am in love. 

Where I Stand 1-24-10

1-22-10 006

I have one lap sitting, follow me everywhere kitty cat today, Bibbs is happy to have her mom back.  

Lisa is flying home this evening, and she has a fan club waiting for her:

This is awesome!Kubota, Bitsy, and Kibbles

and Kismet:


Poppet, of course….


Casey 004

The outdoor cats wait for her arrival home too:  Roxy….



and the shy, mysterious and without photos mama kitty, Nellie, too. 

Kelly has sweet girls that missed her too….Mama Mia




and Halle Berry


Good thing we all have our felines as distractions for the let down that is sure to set in tomorrow. 

What a blessing to have such good friends, and this week spent together. 

1-17-10 020

Kelly summed it up best….

(Feline photos courtesy of Life on Sassy Cat Hill and No Whining Allowed. )


Mr.  C  Junior  took his first steps today…..

1-6-10 006

Maybe we should call them his first totters….teetering totters. 

1-6-10 018My turn with the camera, please……let someone else be the victim of the paparazzi

1-6-10 015 

Marlo always look worried when Colton is around.   

1-6-10 017There she is….I’ll sneak up on her. 


Okay, we all know….Deb is a dork.  Humor me.