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Winter getaway


The pictures tell my story, but let me elaborate a bit…..

We left early one snowy morning and drove south. We drove 1050 miles that day…well actually I drove the 50, Jeff drove the rest. He does not complain….as long as he had music blasting, nor did I complain about the blasting music. I have a hexagon quilt sewing project for trips, although it is out growing the passenger seat. And also reading materials, YouTube, Words with Friends.

We arrived on warm sunny North Captiva Island the next day to stay with my SIL Patrice and Jim. Love them and their hospitality. A few days later, my SIL Lisa and Cam arrived from Virginia. What a great time we girls had together….talks of old times and the future, the sisters talking about childhood, singing The Monkees (RIP Peter). The guys fished to their heart’s content.

Our friends Kelly and Jim came to visit one day. They just acquired a home about an hour away. They made a delicious meal for us. Us girls laughed away the afternoon, after all we had an official Capri club meeting. And the guys fished to their heart’s content.

The weeks flew by, and it was time to head north. But first a stop to see Kat! We caught up as old dear friends can, and of course kept our hands busy making things all the while.

We rushed home just in time to celebrate our Derek’s grandpa’s life…a wonderful man who left a legacy of love. Home is home, always nice to return to your people.


Today, Kat and Rick came for a visit despite their busy schedule with parties and appointments while in town.  

She’s still our Kat, only difference I saw was her tan skin.  She left me feeling upbeat and energized, as she always does!  Good to see you both enjoying life, doing things you love!  


A Memorable trip



Over the weekend, Jeff and I went to Charlevoix to celebrate the life of my dear friend’s husband, Bill Briggs.  He passed away very unexpectedly last month.  Kathie held his memorial on his birthday, July 19 and made Bill a very special gift….the story can be read on her blog, here.

A couple of Kathie’s high school friends also attended Bill’s memorial.  Their names are also Kathy! 

Here are the three Kathie’s:


The three Kathie’s each had Jeff’s Aunt, Miss Essler,  as a speech teacher way back when, at Marian High School in Southfield.   I got the impression Miss Essler was a teacher with high expectations, but was liked and respected by the girls. 

This is Aunt Nan, in a photo from Kathie’s yearbook:


One of the Kathie’s mentioned that she recognized the “mischievous” glint in Jeff’s eye, as Miss Essler had the same glint. 

Do you agree?


We stopped to see Aunt Nan in Traverse City, and had a good visit.  Nan is still as sharp as a tack, with a voracious appetite for reading.  She is the type of person that has stories to tell!  Her body is not quite cooperative enough these days, but her wit, curiosity and intelligence keep her going.  I really enjoyed our short time with her. 

A Joy-Fun Day



















There are a few special days in this life that will will always be a fond memory.  Yesterday was one such day.

We had a baby shower for Steph at her cousin Erin’s home….well, Erin, Charlie and Baby Lia’s home.  It was a glorious summer day.  We had about 35 lovely ladies, plus the guys and the children.   Can you see the fun we had?  The children adding so much energy and liveliness.  The love, caring and friendship our “village”. Food tasting beyond delicious because it was prepared by dear friends.   Little cousins having a wonderful time together.  The generous hearts of all.   A day to cherish.



I had my friends over on Wednesday.

We walk the same road in much of life, what we love and care about, or find ourselves faced with:  Families, children, husbands, work and finances, dealing with getting “older”, difficult people(no, not you!), health, weddings, parents declining, babies, death.  But besides bolstering each other and sharing in all of this, there is one thing that connects us all.  The love of art, of making art.  A strong connection it is.  This year we are celebrating ten years of getting together twice a month and making art and conversation….usually with much humor interjected.

These are my lovely friends:  (clockwise from left) Gail, Julie, Kat, Muriel(Babe), and Nan.


Each is uniquely gifted….here is what was brought to show on Wednesday:

Julie has been experimenting with encaustic (wax applied over paint/collage):


She also works with metal, designing and building jewelry:


Kat brought her sketchbook along, and shared some of the drawings from her recent trip:


Gail completed another quilt…


These friends inspire, motivate and recharge me.

Gift #111-My diamond friends, the Baguettes, aka, the Bags(lol!).  Ten years of goodness!

Musical Chair Painting!



The annual Baggette Extravaganza took place at Kat’s cottage, on the shores of  Lake Huron.   The weather was perfect….mild and sunny.  We started out on Wednesday, managing to extend the 3 hour trip into 6.5 hours with plenty of stops.   Then when we arrived we took over Kat’s place with our stuff…sewing machines, boxes of fabric, paints, etc….

The first project was a collaborative project we call “Musical Chair Painting”….it was so much fun!  Kat brought along a large canvas, primed with gesso.  We each took our spot, chose a palette of 3 colors  and started painting.   Then after a few minutes (when the song changed), we moved over to the next spot and, using our same colors, continued painting on our neighbors corner.   We traveled around the table, painting on everyone’s canvas a couple of times, adding new colors to our palettes as needed.  Then the last couple rounds, we used black and white only.    In the end, the canvases were very different, and rich with color and texture…. I love mine! 

 IMG_9795 IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9798