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What’s the Doings?


February is a busy month….lots of number crunching to do.


But, this week was filled with a NUMBER of other wonderful artistic excursions. 

Thursday night I got together with friends to drink a little wine, talk a little art, and keep the hands busy while doing the above,  at the bar.  

Leann set us up with the craft of the evening….black and white thread, black and white  felt, scissors and needles. 

It was fun for us and the other patrons to see us girls stitching away….coming up with some rather unconventional (of course) and interesting results:

Janice’s….looking like an industrial building in Detroit:

DSCN1470 Peggy’s mermaid:

DSCN1472Leann’s happy skull, using her much admired chain stitch fill in:DSCN1469And my whatever…thinking GRID….result: oil rig platform….…..DSCN1467On Friday, my friend and neighbor Patrice and I wandered and lunched in Northville.  It was a sunny afternoon, and it felt so good to be out and about.  We meandered through the different galleries and the Northville Art House….

Both of these outings were great medicine for the winter blahs and recharging the creative batteries.     Highly recommended……get yourself on a  field trip! 

Hello, again….


I have been working on the “lady”…..

She was an experiment, and a answer to the question:  Can I stitch a larger than life face, inspired by the style of an artist I admire?….. Pamela Allen, her work is here, and I was  looking forward to taking a class with Pamela, but that was not to be.

So, this Lady.  Hmmmm, I’m happy with SOME of the details…..

5-19-10 lady 001 Like this eye….and the fabric that contributes eyelashes and an eyebrow.  The velvet hair.

5-19-10 lady 002 The colors and textures of her clothes.  The fact that the red flower print on the left is a castoff tshirt from my daughter.  In fact, most of the fabric in this piece has history, connections….I love that. 

5-19-10 lady 003 And I love that a a little bit of the tailor quilt found its way into this piece. 

I’ll keep working on her,  hoping I can make the whole at least a sum of the parts. 

Making Faces


Kat, Patrice and I got together today in my kitchen for an impromptu stitching session. 

We were determined to experiment….just go for it, and make some cloths with character(s). 

I think we succeeded.  Now no judging yet, we are not finished….

Here are Kat and Patrice with their ladies:

5-13-10 face quilts 008 

I don’t know who my person is trying to be yet….that hand seems to be waving, maybe she is doing the happy dance, hope so. 

5-13-10 face quilts 009

May Challenge #116


Kat and I have a challenge going for 2010…..create a stitched textile piece every so often, based on certain parameters we define…

This month the challenge was to stick to a colors scheme of 2 yellow/greens, lemon yellow, two shades of purplish/grey, and a peachy color…..and secondly,  the theme was to be chickens!   The color scheme was from a current decorating magazine, and the chicken idea was mine(chicken brain)…

Here is my result:

5-6-10 014

I felt a need to be silly….chickens bring that out in me!  So the title of this piece is

5K Chicken Race

Not sure what I’m going to do with it….probably finish it off as a wall hanging.  It started with the base fabric that had the green dye brush marks already on.  Then, I don’t know…..the rest just  sort of happened.

I want to do more like this….maybe not quite so silly, but telling a story in stitch is very satisfying. 

Here is Kat’s wonderful chicken….hers is completely finished into a pillow….


Anyone want to join in on the 2010 Fiberart Challenge?  This is a personal challenge and in no way a competition….just a chance to stretch our creative muscle!  I think I will start announcing the parameters when we choose them in hopes that a few of you will join in.



4-7-10 007 Question:  What should I do with the Lutradur supplied to me?  Answer:  Paint, tear, layer and stitch.   Result:  A  thought and wish recorded, of warm summer sunshine and blue skies.

I will send this little embroidery on to C & T Publishing, as an answer to a challenge issued by them. 

C & T has a blog full of new book releases, challenges, giveaways, ideas and inspiration.  Fun stuff.

This past week, #60


2-23-10 063 #60, not quite finished but close enough

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand… and melting like a snowflake. “


I am fond of looking over the past months in my photo files, just to reminisce about the days gone by.  Often, I’m struck by how much happens within each month.  But looking at February, I thought how quickly this short month was flying by, without much happening.  Well….that all changed. 

Kelly’s mom passed away on Valentine’s Day after a major crisis that started in early February.  Kel was able to fly down to Florida and spend the last two weeks with her mom and dad.  The funeral was up here, and being the close-knit group that we are, my SIL’s…Patrice and Lisa… arrived to attend the funeral and support Kelly and her family.    The funeral was a beautiful Christian farewell to Ruth, and a touching reminder of our own short lives here on earth.  After the funeral,  we were able to spend quality time with our families, and Kelly and her family. 

Here are the highlights:

2-23-10 007 Three siblings…yes “life is good”

2-23-10 009 Lounging with Kel’s family2-23-10 010

We thoroughly enjoyed the video of Patt  falling through the air, her first time jumping out of an airplane!

2-23-10 040

We fit in some Capri togetherness

2-23-10 014 

Patt was jubilant to shovel snow for the first time in 9 years.  She is one of those snowbirds!

2-23-10 046

A snowy, dark morning, our long driveway and deep ditch was a problem for Lisa…..

2-23-10 043

But TJ was our hero!

2-23-10 057

Have a good Tuesday….I’ve got some catching up to do!