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Winter getaway


The pictures tell my story, but let me elaborate a bit…..

We left early one snowy morning and drove south. We drove 1050 miles that day…well actually I drove the 50, Jeff drove the rest. He does not complain….as long as he had music blasting, nor did I complain about the blasting music. I have a hexagon quilt sewing project for trips, although it is out growing the passenger seat. And also reading materials, YouTube, Words with Friends.

We arrived on warm sunny North Captiva Island the next day to stay with my SIL Patrice and Jim. Love them and their hospitality. A few days later, my SIL Lisa and Cam arrived from Virginia. What a great time we girls had together….talks of old times and the future, the sisters talking about childhood, singing The Monkees (RIP Peter). The guys fished to their heart’s content.

Our friends Kelly and Jim came to visit one day. They just acquired a home about an hour away. They made a delicious meal for us. Us girls laughed away the afternoon, after all we had an official Capri club meeting. And the guys fished to their heart’s content.

The weeks flew by, and it was time to head north. But first a stop to see Kat! We caught up as old dear friends can, and of course kept our hands busy making things all the while.

We rushed home just in time to celebrate our Derek’s grandpa’s life…a wonderful man who left a legacy of love. Home is home, always nice to return to your people.

Meijer Gardens….Grand Rapids Michigan


I’ve gone to Meijer Gardens two weekends in a row….once with Jeff and the 212 Art Center group, and then I returned yesterday with the Capri’s:   Lisa, Patrice and Kelly


Just love this park because the landscaping is not overly contrived, much of the design is left to nature


Or at least they carefully planned it to appear that way.

Starting below is a vignette of photos taken by either Jeff or I: 















Yesterday, we also went across the street from the gardens to Cornerstone University and saw the winning art piece from ArtPrize 2011

Crucifixion by Mia Tavonatti, 13 x 9 feet:


There are plenty of photos of the complete mosaic to be found, but I wanted to show you some of the details, its made completely of stained glass:


And later in the afternoon, we ventured back into Grand Rapids and viewed just a few of our most favorite entries:IMG_2198





The two youngsters of our group, Lisa and Kelly, are celebrating a landmark birthday.  Patrice and I are helping them do it properly with plenty of good times, good talks, and of course good food.   And the weekend is not over! 

May…I tell you about this month


He that is in a towne during May, loseth his Spring.  -George Hebert

That is definitely not me, this year!  I have been out and about taking in all the goodness and beauty of this month of May.  Spring continues to be early and the out of doors is teaming with life.  Its been so good to be busy, with…let me think:

-At the end of April my SIL, Lisa of Life on Sassy Cat Hill, was here from Virginia…. Lis’ is a garden designer, animal rehabilitator and mosaicist among other things.  Most recently, we discovered she has a talent for painting and surprised us Capri’s with one for each of us…



I loves my painting of Missy Bibby.  Thank you Lis’.  Yes, and thanks especially for making me think about painting myself, about how much fun it would be,  and when I could fit it in, and if I should try yet another thing. 

-But then, I have been painting!  Just not on canvas….on walls.  Jackie’s house is almost ready for move in.  Its so darn cute, I can’t wait to show you photos. 

-This month I finished BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for the year.  We sailed through the Acts of the Apostles and many of the epistles.    I got to know Paul, and his amazing life that could only have been happened through the grace of God.  All these letters and books were full of practical knowledge, many lessons on how to live a Christian life.  We all know them, but now I Know them.  Hopefully they were planted in my heart.  I thank CK for her hospitality and support and discussions this year…Kel you were the reason I started going to BSF.  Thank you.   In the fall, the study will be Genesis.  That will be interesting and controversial to my beliefs.  But that is the great thing about BSF, they do not force feed…

-I’ve been trying to shake off the winter inactivity with longer daily walks.  Now, if I would just take that big clunky camera, I might get lucky and have something to blob about. 

-I’ve been working on a large mosaic, in dibs and dabs.  But, dibs and dabs of tiny pieces of glass add up to a project getting closer to completion.  This is one of the 9 panes in this window…I’m working all the panes at the same time to ensure a little continuity.  IMG_1578

-For the first time in my life, this month I’ve “babysat” my dad.  He is recovering from several attacks of ill health and, therefore, is weak.  But he’s improving, and he’s a lot of fun to sit for. 

-I spend every evening outside on the porch, at least for a little while.  IMG_1579

The birds provide the soundtrack to the ever changing scenes.



See you next month….I’ll be busy hanging onto May. 

End of August


August has been the ultimate R & R month….a month that got me back on my feet, feeling more like myself….I can now say that I feel NORMAL….whatever that is!  First we went up north to the cottage, then up to Kat’s cottage, and now this last week has been party week! 

We celebrated Colton’s UNbirthday on Saturday.  His real birthday is in December, but his parents are starting the tradition of having a party in his honor during the summer….  8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 106

This was his favorite birthday present:

8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 189

We got to meet Abby…what a doll!  She’s JR and Jennie’s daughter (who are my kids’ longtime friends). 

8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 173

8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 170   Really, could she be any cuter…..

I will update August with more party pics over the next few days…..

And today we had a get together to meet our little Emily’s (my niece), big Marine beau, Ryan….

8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 264 He has to be a great guy to be so comfortable with all of the Kolars so quickly…..

8-28-10 Colton's early birthday weekend 275

And all 5 Capri’s were together today…..Annie, who just happens to be Emily’s mom, was here for the day too. 

It was so GOOD to see Annie again…..  

So I hadn’t mentioned that Lisa is her for a visit?  Well, yes….until next weekend….we have many Capri things to do this week.  What a great way to finish up this month of rest and relaxation. 

Next month its back to reality…..I’m ready!

A Sunday at CP’s


My SIL, Patrice….aka Capri Patt….is growing a beautiful shade garden.  But, unfortunately, that girl has no blob outlet for bragging.  She even refuses to take photos.  What are we gonna do with her, very unCapri like! 

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a little walkabout on her property.  The garden plantings are just a couple of years old, they are filling in nicely….and will continue to do so if only the deer would leave them alone. 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 030 Patrice has a thing for rocks……. 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 047

So, when she needed a few rocks moved, a couple of weeks ago…she asked her brother, Jeff  and the tractor for help.  I don’t know what the big deal was, just six rocks from the bottom of the driveway, up the hill, and set  into their new home:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 026

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 032 This stone wall and precisely set edging are in the backyard.   She is her father’s daughter, with her ability to make things so exact, neat and tidy looking….not to mention lovely.  5-23-10 penny ball, patts 037

Iris’ imported from Virginia:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 041

Happy junipers, en masse:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 050

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 027

Here they are trying to move a rock with mind over matter. 

After the rocks were in place, we were treated to the best steak dinner ever.   I’ll come over and be a rock setting director, cheerleader and photographer again anytime soon, Patrice!