Post op

b.jpgb.jpgb.jpgb.jpgb.jpgb.jpgI’m back after a short diversion,  feeling better and hope to use this recuperation time to advantage…….I have many wonderful friends, and here is one of the best……she has many names (Bibbs, Kabibbles, Bibbideeboo for starters).  She is almost two years old, and has settled into being the sweetest, yet sassiest cat over the past year.  She adores me and the feeling is mutual.   

Jeff has been building the portico over our front entry,  in preparation for the roof that needs to be replaced.   This is a very fine looking portico in progress, me thinks….


Jeff has plans to insert a piece of metal work, something like this:



Hello world!

Hello….first post, new blog….FUN!  Went to the Lawrence Street Gallery yesterday evening to view a quilt show curated by my friend Lynn Krawczyk.   The show had a great variety of awesome quilts…..