Honoring the Dad’s

These men have worked hard to be good Dad’s, and I can’t let this day go by without letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated by me!  

This one can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He raised three pretty darn good humans.

And this young man, is a doing a fine job as a kind, loving father…raising them up in the way they should go.

This guy’s job is not an easy one.  Double trouble.  But he is patiently consistent and a good, kind and loving Dad also.

And, last but not least, my Dad.  Miss him, but so glad he was mine!

Howell Nature Center

Patrice and I took our Littles and had a really nice day visiting the Howell Nature Center.  They had rescued but unreleasable animals….fox, deer, opossum, coyote, beaver (Lisa, Matilda was snuggled up with Wopee.  She looked very content, but not a good photo op.)  Also, a big tom turkey, turkey vultures, etc, etc. 

    The kids really enjoyed the “waterfall”, and park…they could have stayed there for hours!

    So glad we grabbed this day and made it a memorable one.

    Million Bells

    Mini Bells, trailing petunia.  Calibrachoa.

    This is a worthy plant.  Easy care, constant blooms.  And deer resistant, I am told.  

    I am growing quite a variety of colors this year, and there were plenty other colors to pick from!

    This quote seems especially appropriate:

    Understanding is the basis of care.  What you would take care of you must first understand. Whether it be a petunia or a nation.  -Dallas Willard

    Today, Kat and Rick came for a visit despite their busy schedule with parties and appointments while in town.  

    She’s still our Kat, only difference I saw was her tan skin.  She left me feeling upbeat and energized, as she always does!  Good to see you both enjoying life, doing things you love!  


    Gravitational pull

    What is it about him, all the kid’s flock to be around him.  Uncle Kevin.

    Had a great afternoon with my nephews and their families today.  And yes, there is Uncle Kevin again, the favorite target for water balloons.

    The sand box had many occupants.

    We celebrated Natalie’s birthday.  Here she is reading her cards, with Colton ready to help if needed.  They are growing up quick!

    Judging from her reaction, she loved the Paris themed quilt I made for her.  ❤❤❤