The Little Things


Today I went to IKEA for some picture frames. While in the checkout line, the young man behind me had one little thing to buy so I offered to trade places with him. He thanked me, but said he was waiting for his wife and they might have a basketful when she arrived . We talked while waiting, and talked more..the line was long. Our conversation was different because he asked me generalized questions about my life, very curious and interested, not creepy. He asked what my days are made of, and squeezed out of me that I love and care for my people, art and nature. After our conversation, I was amazed at the poignancy of his remarks. This man had wisdom and kindness in his heart. He reminded me, in an indirect way, of all there is to be thankful for in this life and that often the most important things are the little things we take for granted. He had lived half his life in Hong Kong and knew adversity. I will not soon forget our serendipitous, moving conversation.

This evening, I share the little things in my life that I am thankful for (and have taken a photo of…lol). Signs of spring, my grandchildren and their activities, my growing house plant collection, dear friends, new glasses, some sweet pets. Usually I would dismiss most of these photos, but not today….this is what my precious days are made of. I need to take more photos, because there is so much more to be thankful for.

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  1. It truly is the little things that make up the whole of our lives. You have captured them—keep taking pics. Gail

  2. I love to see your face! Great glasses. Hug all the friends. Enjoy those tiny ballerinas and weavers.

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