Let’s talk about summer…


…because I was in the middle of neglecting the blog back when summer was actually here, and also because I am so “blibbity blop blop” sick of winter.

Last August when we were at the cottage, we had a bit of magic slowly unfold. Monarch chrysalis were everywhere. Mostly near the beach on the milkweed, but also several on the boathouse. We watched them mature and either die or transform.

Sadly all did not make it…black, a sign of death in the second photo. Do you see the tick near the top in the photo directly below….giving the kiss of death:

I had to paint a monarch after enjoying the metamorphosis’…..here is a progression of the painting I completed over the summer.

Watercolor, of course! Now, let’s hope for spring to arrive very soon.

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  1. wonderful series of life span great painting now you know why I have 5 butterfly bushes! They eat in my yard, have not had the pleasure of their life cycler

  2. I remember watching that whole process as a kid, there was a great milkweed patch down by Walter’s old place. Your paintings are wonderful!

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