Debbie and the Beanstalk, part 2


Update on my purple hyacinth bean experiment.  

I planted tiny little starts of The Bean next to hibiscus’ that perished over the winter, leaving me a unique support for the aggressive climbing Beans.  The original photos are followed by today’s photos of the plants.  The originals were taken June 7.  Just over a month ago.

The vines grow about six inches a day.  I wrap and tie the new growth around the hibiscus sticks daily, but I missed while we were up north.  Now I have two to three foot vines to wrap….

The results are not the topiary forms I had hope for with a skinny trunk and growth above…obviously The Bean would not cooperate with that.   Will update again in August when The Beans are in full bloom.  In the meantime you will find me in my PJ’s on the deck in the early morning tying up vines.

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  1. I love this idea! I never got around to planting mine this year but I have several ‘volunteers’ that I am training to go up the trellis! I love the the leaves and the beautiful purple flowers when it blooms.

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