Sushi watercolor


One day, a yearning for sushi hit me as I was wandering through our local produce emporium….Joe’s Produce.  In a fit of self-indulgence I purchased just enough for my lunch. (Not that Jeff would have eaten any.)  I sat in the gazebo, enjoying one dumpling and a California roll when it hit me that I wanted to record this moment.  So I brought out my favorite tablecloth, made by my friend Gail,  and setup a photo shoot with the remaining sushi.  

A year later, here is the painting…..

I feel that inch by inch I am becoming a better painter.   From this painting’s process I learned how to mix some wonderful “blacks”, was challenged by trying to give the plate depth and bringing some of the background colors into the plate and sushi.   I’m discovering that painting really fits into my life right now and that I can really get lost in the process.  I am participating in a show in October, and have been asked to have 10 paintings ready.  So painting will be my focus over the next few months!   

Side note:  WordPress says this is my 1000th post.  What, really?  But I’ve been at this since 2007, so that’s 100 posts per year average.  Not bad.

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  1. You definitely have depth and light source and shadows. You have more depth than some painters I know who have been painting much longer. Nice rich black too.

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