Livonia Garden Walk


Jeff, Codi and I toured  several  local gardens last Saturday.   

Such a perfect Day to enjoy the hard work put into these gorgeous places!

An artist was in the structure, plein air painting.

Charming area, but no sign of chickens in the coop.

Tricolor beech….all season beautiful color.

Codi loved hanging out in the gardens, eating a cookie or two. 

This garden was especially artistic.

I am in love with this plant…rose campion.

Fireworks on a stem!  Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

7 responses »

  1. What a beautiful place! And I love the mosaic step and bottle art. Reminds me of your yard.

  2. Loved the tour. Tri-colored beech is Schmenkie’s new favorite tree. Cody is growing so fast, so pretty!

  3. How glorious and inspirational. Yours should be among them. I think I have rose campion growing here. I’ll check tomorrow.

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