A Day in Central Park


Bucket list check off here!  We biked through Central Park, and enjoyed a “picnic” lunch too.  This was our last full day here and we were pushing our limits…at least I was.  But, so glad I took advantage of this day, plenty of time to recuperate later.  But the rental bikes didn’t help, they were dilapidated, and squeaky.  The chain kept calling off my bike, too.  

The day was perfect.

You may consider the picnic a slight cheat, we ate at the Boathouse Restaurant in the  middle of Central Park.  Memorable in every way…delicious, ambionce, location.  

As was our pattern, we finished the excursion with drinks…this time on the roof of the Standard Hotel…the Le Bain.  I really felt fancy going here, and slightly out of place.  But what fun.  I must tell you about the ladies room.  The stall is on a corner of the top floor, my knees practically touching the exterior windows. The only privacy is a sheer little black lace curtain seperating me from the world below.  

View from Le Bain….note the end of the High Line next to the green building.

Other direction…New Jersey on the right.

Ended the evening with some fantastic pizza from Adrienne‘s.  

We had quite the adventure to get home the next day.  After sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours, they cancelled our flight because of bad weather.  The best the airlines could do was get us out separately over the next few days.  So, we raced to the rental cars and got just about the last car available.  We drove for the next 10 hours and arrived home about 6AM. 

 We did experience some “weather” on the way home.

This concludes my big trip to the big city.  It was important to me to get this all written down here.  Thanks for reading along.  I loved how we did it, seeing some unusual places and avoiding as many crowds as possible.  Kevin and Matt really helped make that possible.   Yes, I would love to go back and see more!  A huge thank you to these two daughter’s of mine.

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  1. Well that drive through the night was something of a nightmare! There is so much to see in N.Y., hope I can return.

  2. You are such a great traveller. I would be whiny about the bikes and the ride home but you see it all as an adventure. I applaud that!!! AND you’ve seen parts of NY I ve never seen until your blog. So thank you for that. Also the last time I was at that Boathouse was with the old accountants! Their fancy office was across the street.

  3. Thanks Kat! We would have a totally different itinerary in NY, but would have a blast!

  4. Oh Deb, how I wish I could go with you. That was a precious opportunity, and you squeezed or all the memories for future use.

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