Beacon and beyond


This is the 4th post about my memorable trip to New York City with my daughters in late June of 2016…exactly one year ago.  

After arriving in Beacon by train, we toured Dia:Beacon.  This art museum is a huge, open, light filled space on three floors. Originally it was built in 1929 as a printing factory for Nabisco crackers and cookies .  Now every floor is filled with contemporary art, mostly large installations.  It was extraordinary, eye opening, and  inspiring.  I am challenged by modern art, but I definitely gained an appreciation for this art, and these artists with big ideas and stamina.

I’m sorry I don’t have credits, but I just want to give you a taste of the art.

This installation went on and on and on…

Old cars and parts

Shards of glass

Huge pencilled marks fill the walls

Sand and mirror

In your nightmare?

This lower floor was completely lit with eerie green lighting.

My favorite, Richard Serra’s Torqued Eclipses

Huge steel mazes to enter and be  enveloped by:

I hope you can grasp a bit of my appreciation for this place, a home for these large scale works took a very special setting and this fits the bill.

As a side note, we really enjoyed their gardens too!

After all this art we needed refreshment and a little shopping.  The charming main street did not disappoint.  We stopped for refreshments at the Roundhouse just to sit outdoors and enjoy the waterfalls.  Then went to dinner at The Hop.  What a great escape the day was.  We raced back to the station, nearly missing our  train!  Then back to Grand Central, then the subway, and just a short walk to our apartment.  Much different modes of transportation than what this gal is used to!

The next post will be the last, our day in Central Park and then home!

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  1. I love this..what an unusual collection of art…fun installations..stretches our minds…just what art is supposed to do.

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