Out and About NYC


The 3rd post about my trip to NYC with my daughter’s in late June of 2016.

We took the ferry to Governor’s Island after Steph recovered from her bout with the mystery illness.  This is an out of the way, peaceful place to get away from the crowds.  

It was just what we all needed after a very hectic day.

After a bit, I rented a 4 person surrey bicycle.  We had a blast, and noted that everyone we passed who was pedalling one had a smile on their face.  Pedalling around the island was the best way to see it all.

Later that evening we visited Red Hook ( a Brooklyn neighborhood), and ate at Hometown BBQ.  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Red Hook looked like a creative, quirky place that would have been fun to explore a little more.  (Next time, hopefully.)

The next day we headed to Grand Central Station and bought train tickets, to Beacon NY.  Again, Grand Central made this girl nervous, but the train ride was my reward.  We travelled north along the Hudson River for about an hour.  

Such scenery!

West Point

The mysterious Bannerman Castle

 Thanks for coming along this far….to be continued.

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  1. Wow. You are such a good tour guide. I’ve never heard of any of these places. The photo of the Statue of Liberty is awesome. A prize winner! You certainly know how to plan a good trip.

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