The Big City


Post 2 of ? Chronicling my trip to New York with my daughters.  The trip happened last June, but I never blobbed about it.  So why not now, exactly one year later.

We went to a Broadway and  had great seats on the mezzanine to watch  Fiddler on the Roof.  I loved that I chose this play for my adult daughter’s to see with me.  Beautiful story, full of love, joy, sadness, humor and of course…Tradition!  This production had a bit more of a feminist slant than the movie.  Perfect.

We were on our own to get from Brooklyn to Broadway.  This was a source of great stress for me, but luckily not for S and J.  Thank God for their calm and sense.  We took the subway (the correct train!) and got off just a couple blocks from the theater.  

We planned to take a different route home and go to Times Square.  But on the way out I could not believe the crowds on the street!  Construction, people, cars, taxis everywhere.  Yes, I am a country bumpkin.  And I must admit, this was a time when I said “I’m old and cannot do this”.  So we hopped back on the subway and headed to the safety zone…Brooklyn.

Back in Brooklyn, we had a late dinner, and drinks.  Probably one too many drinks after a  day of walking  almost 20 miles, and an early morning flight from Detroit.  We slept well, but Steph’s body just gave out the next day.  She spent half the day in bed, couldn’t eat…dehydrated and exhausted is my guess.  She felt a little better towards afternoon, so we decided to visit Governor’s Island….the most low key activity we could think of.  And it was the perfect choice!  More later….

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