This is the first of a series of posts about my trip to New York.  This trip happened last year as a gift from my daughter’s for my birthday.  I’ve never  recorded the trip on my blog, so why not now….exactly one year later.  

We stayed in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Kevin, Steph’ s best friend and the boy next door during her childhood, lives there.  Kevin and his partner Matt were our gracious hosts.  Kevin even took a few days off work!

I loved this neighborhood.  We walked to restaurants, the park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the flea market.  It was just so charming and friendly. 

This is where we stayed.  An Airbnb studio apartment…ground floor to the left of the entry.  It was tiny, but very clean and comfortable.

Each morning we walked to the corner coffee shop, The Hungry Ghost.  They spoiled me with their coffee so much that I had to ditch our percolator when I got home.  

The Hungry Ghost was a favorite gathering spot for the neighborhood.

I have to say, with all we saw and did, just exploring this neighborhood was most memorable.

Kevin and Steph, along with Jackie and I REALLY enjoyed ourselves at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Hojo Santa.   So much of this trip was about eating great food.  We also ate at Prospect, and Olea in the Fort Greene neighborhood.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Walking the Bridge

More next time….

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