Favorite Breakfast


What is your favorite breakfast?  One at the top of my list would have be the breakfast I had in Fort Greene Brooklyn last year at a restaurant called Olea.  This was my introduction to salad greens with eggs at breakfast, and other unusual flavors combined into a beautiful taste experience.

The New York trip was just about one year ago, and I am savoring the memories of my visit. 

If you asked my Littles, they would look at the plate from Olea and say “I not like that, Grammie”.  Here is what they prefer…

Chocolate chip pancakes, with strawberries on top (and more chocolate chips) and lots of syrup.

  I will share some of my favorite New York moments with you over the next few days.

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  1. Sounds like a good daily breakfast! I have been experimenting making smoothies with fruit and yogurt and other good stuff.

  2. I might like your favorite breakfast. But my inclination is to eat Greek yogurt with granola, and a side of fresh fruit. A cup of tea is the perfect beverage.

  3. What about that banana+egg pancake? Simple but nourishing! Oh ok..your NY one looks way better!

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