Children’s Journals


I decided to give the 3 year old  Little’s their own journal to use and keep at my house.  The idea being they can draw and scribble in them and I would record our  conversations and stories.

What a hit, they love them.  They have started asking me to write down the little stories they dream up.  They are also mimicking my writing by scribbling carefully on the lines while talking.

Here are a couple of their statements and conversations I’ve written in their journals:

Aubree has to wear an eye patch for 2 hours every day to correct her vision.  Not an easy or comfortable chore, especially for a three year old.  She was quite proud of herself on this day:

Do you know what a potlicker is?  Neither do I, but I remember my MIL affectionately calling my kids “potlickers” when they were being stubborn and mischievous.  Here is a conversation between Dylan and I:


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