Hello, 2017


Hi friends and family:  I’m here and wishing you a happy New Year from the Kolar house.  I wanted to skim over 2016, and make a fresh start,  since I’ve been a terrible blogger for a very long time.

One photo for each month…

January, this might be my favorite selfie ever.  Solid as a rock.


February, my art projects often had a different focus:


March, enjoyed a vacation with my honey.


May:  I lost my dad, he suffered a long debilitating decline.   Of course, we miss our strong, loving man…but with each day, week and month we watched his body crumple and fail. 20160513_140048

June:  These daughters of mine took me to New York City for my birthday!


July:  There is so much about summer to enjoy.


August:  Crazy, great time at our annual Kolar gathering at the cabin.


September:  Always, always, trying to find the time to mosaic, paint and stitch.


October:  A trip to Mackinaw Island to celebrate 40 years of us together!


November:  My Little Peoples, have I mentioned what a big joyful part they have in my life?


December:  It is the most wonderful time of the year!


2017 promises to be a year of changes.  Jeff is retiring from his job of 30 years.  But no sitting in a recliner for him…he has plans.  But we both hope to have a little more time to enjoy each other, our families and go on a few adventures together.  I look forward to this new chapter in our life!

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  1. You are my hero Deb Kolar. I love you. Your spirit and view of the world make me smile. I love looking at the world through your optimistic lens. And I love your artful and businessful combined genius. Happy new year.

  2. Hello, Deb! Glad to see you back at the blog. I missed it very much, and hope you keep it up this year.

  3. YAY a blob! Maybe we’ll both be a little better about keeping up this year?! Here’s hoping!

  4. You seem to be fullfilled. Last year sounds like a series of graduations in your life. Now you get to enjoy all your fruits. And nuts.

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