Meet Lili

Meet Lili

Jeff and I were not looking for a cat.
We knew Jeff’s sister needed to find a home for her’s though.
I resisted, until a moment when she intently stared at me with those big beautiful eyes and I knew right then we would be taking her home.  When I told Jeff, he  glanced at me with a look that said “I agree, glad you finally came around”.

No regrets.  She is a good kitty, we are getting  acquainted more every day.

Lili.   I’ve decided this stands for “little lioness”.  Although, at 18 pounds she is not a little cat.

She’s 8 years old, mostly sedentary and sweet, a little shy.  She has a judgement process for our guests…and you are either immediately accepted, or hidden from.  Loves  being brushed, and moves around on my lap so I don’t miss a spot.
She likes Jeff and I equally well, but whoever rubs her ears the hardest is her favorite.  We enjoy hearing her slow, heavy steps move about the house.

The vet says she is a “Norwegian Forest Cat”.  She does have an exotic look with her slightly curled ears and stub of a tail





Yes, it’s good to have a kitty around again.  And Lili is happy here with us, too.

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  1. Lili is a lovely addition to your home!!! She “goes well” with your décor too! Pretty luckycat! Hugs, Gail

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