Just a Number

Just a Number

I am turning 60 this week.  How the heck did that happen?

I’ve always thought bucket lists were an indulgent waste of time.  But I am having second thoughts as I turn this milestone.  Time goes by,  its running out quickly!  Why not have a little plan…..

So here I go, celebrating that number 60 with a bucket list of 60 things!  Mixed up in no particular order…some are big crazy dreams, some I can carry out this summer.  There are so many ways to look at a bucket list.  I could have made a list of things to experience over the summer, over the next year, or the next 5 years.  This list tries to encompass it all.

1.  Read 100 books

2. Complete 100 watercolor paintings

3.  Complete 100 mosaics

4.  Complete 100 embroideries or quilts

5.  Work as an accountant until I’m no longer able to account

6.  Still be planting and digging in the dirt when I’m 80

7.  Travel the US with Jeff in a motor home

8.  Have a picnic in Central Park

9.  Travel down the Mississippi River in a houseboat with Jeff

10.  Participate in an artist residency

11.  Visit the Grand Canyon

12.  See the redwood forests

13.  Explore the Porcupine Mountains

14.  Spend some time in Savannah, GA

15.  Spend some time in Charleston, SC

16.  Go whale watching

17.  See the “green flash” when the sun sets over the ocean

18.  See the northern lights at least one more time.

19.  Record sightings of 100 different bird species

20.  Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.   This might require a hip replacement, or maybe just consistent training

21.  Be successful at hunting for morels

22.  Visit the wineries in Northern Michigan

23.  Go to Ireland with my daughters

24.  Go to New York City with my daughters

25.  Go to New Zealand with Jeff

26.  Become proficient at adjusting the manual controls on my camera

27.  Buy local produce, visit farmer’s markets during the summer

28.  Bake a perfect lemon cake…easy to put together, moist and very lemony

29.  Drink a $100 bottle of wine

30.  Fly first class, just once

31.  Grow a vegetable garden again

32.  Clean out the attic

33.  Stay up north for an extended time during the summer, maybe one month

34.  Find and identify 100 different wildflowers I did not know

35.  Wow my grandchildren with hula hoop skills

36.  Jeff and I ride bicycles around various Michigan cities to explore

37.  Visit my friend, Kat, at her Florida home

38,  Photograph 100 mosaics from cities in the US

39.  Pass that enrolled agent exam

40.  Visit the Florida Keys

41.  Stay one winter in Florida

42.  Teach my grandchildren to sew

43.  Draw and paint with my grandchildren

44.  Teach my grandchildren a love of plants and gardening

45.  Make alphabet books for all of my grandchildren

46.  Keep up my illustrated journals

47.  Continue with this “blob” to write about all of these adventures

48.  Finish strong in faith, charity and love

49.  Have a chickadee eat out of my hand

50.  No gray hair until it is completely gray (Kelly, I will keep you busy).  Then I will cut it short and go gray.

51.  Do something fun with my children and grandchildren about once a month

52. Enjoy a morning walk most everyday

53.  Master a half dozen yoga poses

54.  Cut back on my art “stashes”, use up, recycle, divest

55.  Visit Barcelona, Spain and the Gaudi architecture

56.  Visit the Japanese Garden at Meijer’s Gardens

57.  Visit Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan

58.  Live in a way that in the end I will be remembered as giving person who made a difference in a few lives

59.  Lose 20 pounds, and keep it off

60.  Keep the tradition of Friday night-date night with Jeff

There, that was a stretch.   It initiated some good conversation between Jeff and I, we talked about our future…we looked ahead.  We will have some adventures together!

Writing this list was a great experience.  I would love to read your list, too.  Please link in the comments to your own bucket list.

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!! I agree with Schmenky, #58 is in the bag!
    Love this idea and loved reading all your plans and hopes! You had better get cracking!

  2. As far as the 100 mosaic and 100 watercolors… are you starting from TODAY or do your past works count?
    Happy Birthday! I love you ❤

  3. You can cross off # 58… you’ve already done it, no need to wait til “the end”

  4. Happy Birthday, Deb! Have a wonderful day and a grand year. I like your list….very doable!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Your list gives me some things to think about. Many of your items I’ve done, some I’ve never thought of doing. I’d love to compare our impressions of the Gaudi buildings someday.

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