Wedding Blues

Wedding Blues

Seems everything is blue around here week after Jaclyn and Kevin’s wedding.






Every bloomin’ thing is blue around here, except the people!    The bride and groom are so happy, and consider their wedding day to be an omen of good luck for the years to come!

But, the wedding reception could be called a disaster.  It could be called that if it were some other bride and groom.  But they and all their guests made it a beautiful occasion.  We all refused to let the weather “dampen” our celebration, despite the torrent of rain, flooding of the tent, and resulting mud.  We embraced the occasion….danced under the garage extension my husband wisely built, we placed wood blocks and bricks along the muddy paths as stepping stones.  We huddled together under sheltered areas, enjoying the evening together, unwilling to yield to the cold and damp.

My SIL Lisa posted a wonderful tribute to the evening, here and more here .  A worthwhile and entertaining group of photos!  Many thanks to you, Lis’ for taking these photos, and writing the posts.  Many good memories are recorded.

I have yet to sort through the photos I have, and we are waiting for the professional photos to be edited.  I will soon share more photos with you.

Have a wonderful weekend.  We look forward to relaxing a little!

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  1. So sorry I couldn’t be there. The is a saying about God smiling on a bride who is rained on. And I believe it to be true. It stormed during our wedding reception and we had to abandon the back yard for the shelter of the garage (which, thank goodness my parents had prepared for such an event). A tornado came through the neighborhood and even ripped off the back door of the garage. A neighbor’s swing set landed in the yard! And we all had a wonderful time. And then 39 years.

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