My 2015 Journal


Hello Friends.  Just stopping in for a minute.  This month has a case of the “hectic”, as Capri K would say! 

I wanted to show you the first two months of the year, as recorded in my journal.

Nothing earth shattering here, just recording the best part of each day….using my rudimentary sketching skills.  drawing and painting in my journal is one of the treasured moments of my morning routine.


February flew by, and looks pretty rosy…definitely my outlook during this fun month of travel! 


All rightee, back to work for me.  Thanks for stopping in. 

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  1. there will be a war over who gets them!!! Perhaps they could draw straws and know ahead of time who gets which one! Not a fun time for them!!! It will be a terribly long time and there will be so many each will get a pile!!! I like the last solution best. Lovely to read and remember each day, week of your hectic, wonderful filled up life!! Hugs, Gail

  2. These are priceless. I can’t read all the notations on the computer ( old eyes) but am really impressed with your little portraits.

  3. I simply ADORE your journals! You had better make sure those things are mentioned in your will because your kids will be fighting over who gets them!

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