Inspired by Florida

Inspired by Florida

During our winter break, I had plenty of time to do what I naturally gravitate towards…making stuff!

After Jeff completed the pallet sectional, Patrice had a cool wide plank board across the back of it.  It was begging for some art.  I used Patrice’s  mosaic supplies and made a few fish for it:


Definitely funky fish…they were fun!  I hope Patrice adds more.  These are on mesh, which gets cut away.   The fish will be applied to the board with an adhesive, and finally grouted.

Patrice invited her friend and artist, Marie Dyer, to teach a landscape painting class while I was there!  So in the Tiki Bar, nine of us painted all one day under Marie’s guidance.  She freely shares her experience, always finds the best in everyone yet encourages us to improve.  I learned so much that day.  We painted with acrylics.

Here is Marie, getting us set up:


She’s creating a color mixing chart for us, as we used only primary colors and white:


We are all listening intently to her instructions and tips before starting (note  the use the sectional is getting.)


Patrice started on a mural, a coral Bougainvillea vine …she has a good start,  and will keep working on it:


Here’s my painting:


Inspired by this scene:


Here are a few things I learned from Marie:

-No perfectly straight lines are found in nature.

-Have an entry point for the eye, a line to follow and an exit out of the painting.

-Repeat colors throughout the painting.

-Leave an area for the eye to rest.

And lastly, I really enjoyed sitting here working on my journal, and painting postcards:


Here are my postcards from paradise:




palm trees


This last one is special.  Patrice and I walked around her garden, and identified every plant she grows…I wrote them down as we walked:


This is the last post of our visit to Florida.  And, just in time, spring is inching its way to the Mitten.

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  1. Oh no, nothing like escaping. You are overdue, Margie! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Thanks, Kathie! I liked acrylics a lot. Marie encouraged me to paint more with acrylics, too. But right now I am really enjoying watercolor and I like it’s portability too. I will be happy to make you some fish when you are ready.

  3. Wow! Look at all the art you made on vacations (Jeff too). So how do you like acrylics? As much as watercolors? Your painting is wonderful. As are you postcards. But the funky fish really brightened my day. I may need some someday for my someday new house.

  4. Your work should have arrived earlier. This post warmed me up so much, I wouldn’t have had to make plans for my trip to warm weather. You are so talented..I love your work and the warmth and love it all exudes.

  5. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a lovely paradise and truly wonderful vacation for you!!! Gail

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