A few more warm sunny days

A few more warm sunny days

in Florida, documented with photos, even though life goes on here in the Mitten.  Its cold, gray and harsh here and I am not quite ready to leave the tropics!  A few more days and events to share:

We boated over to Boca Grande on Sunday.

The island is known for its banyan trees, but  Hurricane Charley destroyed most of them in 2004.  One of our favorite streets, aptly named Banyan Street, is still lined with them.



Our group from left to right:  Jeff and I, brother Jim, our friends Chris and Judy, and Patrice and Jim.   Chris and Judy drove down from North Port to meet us for the day,  we sure did enjoy seeing them!



Boca Grande, means “Big Mouth”…but there is nothing loud or cantankerous about this place.  Boca Grande’s a quiet, charming little town.  Its named for the Boca Grande Pass, a deep shipping channel and popular sport fishing spot.   Golf carts are the preferred method of travel around the island.  In fact, we rented a six passenger golf cart so and toured the island.  (We made Jimbo walk…just kidding).  At the south end is a restaurant called South Beach.  We are glad to have found it,  good food and a great atmosphere:





More island sights:

Monster lilies””:


More banyan:



The island’s historic hotel, The Gasparilla Inn, allows  commoner’s, like us, to walk through:




Time to leave this beautiful place…..


On the way home, we stopped to check for manatee’s at our secret spot, but didn’t have any luck spotting any.  IMG_9908

And, lastly,  we stopped at Cabbage Key.   I learned that “Key” is the same as “Cay”, meaning a small sandy island.  Legend has it that Jimmy Buffett composed “A Cheeseburger in Paradise” after a great day of fishing, and a cold beer and perfect burger at the Cabbage Key Inn.


The tortoises were out and about, and enjoyed a handout from Jim of hibiscus blooms:



A day well spent!

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  1. Gorgeous images for those of us starved for some color. Thanks for sharing your sunshine.

  2. Thank you for the lovely side tour from our chill and snow!! What a magical place to be…sunny and warm too! Gail

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