Sewing Sunday



I spent a glorious winter afternoon in my sewing room.    I have to thank my family and friends who generously give me mending to do, it gets me going…really and truly!

Sewing, now, is one long list of things to finish.   I have quilts to finish for my grandchildren, gifts to make, projects that I bought supplies for but never got to.   This is wearing me down, and I want to get these dozen or so things out-of-the-way, and probably let go of another dozen ideas.   Having a list hanging over one’s head is discouraging.  Must finish or let go.

Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand. – Euripides

You are quite right, Mr. Euripides.

I’m very happy to have finished this and to wrap myself up in it:


These little’s love this quilt…..”find the turtle, where is the cat, what does the horse say”…a bonus that I didn’t anticipate when I bought the fabric a couple of years ago!




So glad its finished, and well before winter is over.  The fabric is from the Folklorica line, by Julie Paschkis.  I love ALL her fabrics, illustrations and artwork.


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  1. Oh my, do I love that quilt. The animals remind me of the tiles that (what is that artist’s name??) made for my backsplash. And the Littles get cuter every time I see them. Kiss them for me.

  2. Oh Lis’, you make me want to give you this quilt! I know its perfect for you. I will be on the lookout for more of this fabric.

  3. The blanket sounds lovely, Margie. I hope to see a photo before you send it off to your lucky niece. Yes, color does brighten the gloom of winter. I remember one of Kat’s shows at 212, it was in the winter and she called it “Color Therapy”. I miss her too!

  4. That quilt is gorgeous. What a beautiful gift to yourself. You deserve that! I am working on knitting a blanket. It is totally “my thing.” One knit stitch and just keep knitting combining all the beautiful color and textured yarn I’ve acquired and never used. It is for my nieces’ wedding gift. I think I m halfway done. Well, I say blanket..maybe a lap blanket. I try to use the colors I remember from summer days in TC. It helps the bleak days of winter go by. I think i purchased all this yarn from the felted handbags days. It’s a result of Kat’s enthusiastic teaching! I miss her!

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