Monday but not mundane


I chose MOVE as my word for 2015.  Mostly because I want to walk more every day.  I’m doing well,  considering the weather outdoors.  Last Monday, just keeping up with the twins in the afternoon got my steps in and some strength training!

Let me tell you….

Steph needed me to babysit while she ran some errands that would have been impossible with the babies.   I spent the morning with Mom, so Steph was waiting for me at home.   I walk in, say hello to Steph, Jackie and the babies then head the opposite end of the house.    The babies must have followed me, but on their way found a cup of coffee on the end table.  I walk out and discover they are having a little party…laughing, splashing and sitting  in the warm coffee that is now a puddle on the floor.  What do you do first, rescue your table top and floor or grab the kids who would have been happy to play there all day.   I opted for a bath towel to sop up all surfaces, and babies.  No damage done, no tears over hot coffee, just a change of clothes for them.  We spoil all their fun.

moving chairs

Mom and Aunt Jackie leave to run their errands.  All goes well, I’m thinking how big they are getting.  I don’t have to calm fussy babies,  or carry them around as much and that they entertain themselves much more.   I’m thinking this as I watch them play under the dining room table and start pushing the chairs out and across the floor.  Cute, and I have time to check my email.

two climbers

I underestimate their agility, resourcefulness and curiosity.  Dylan pushes the chair right up to the kitchen sink.  First one climbs the up, and then the other.  Their glee over this maneuver makes me laugh.  But that is before the hands start flying in every direction.  Four little hands determined to get every item within reach-the dirty dish water, a paring knife, a baby bottle on the dish drainer, the dish rag, a pill bottle, etc.  I don’t like to pick them both up at once, but I wrapped my arms around their torsos with their little legs swinging free as I hoist them out of harms way.

We have a great time for a while, reading “Goodnight, Gorilla” many times, and playing on the floor.  But soon they show signs of tiredness.  I go into the kitchen to prepare them a bottle.  They follow me, but stop again by the dining room table.   In the blink of an eye, I see Aubree flying backwards while holding the top of a dining room chair.  I can see this in slow motion in my mind, but I had no time to react.  Then a little miracle happens.  As she is flying back, Dylan is laying on the floor right below her, playing.   He softens her landing, she does not bump her head or whatever might have happened.  Neither is happy, though, as they are a pile of  babies on a ceramic floor with a chair on top.   Soon all is well again, they happily go to sleep…phew.

I can laugh now about this day. But the truth is that I took it scared the bejeebers out of me.    What an awesome responsibility to take care of these two precious little ones.   I pray that they stay safe and thank God for all the little miracles…some seen and understood and many that we don’t even comprehend.   May these little ones be continually blessed with soft landings, and watchful eyes that keep them safe.

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  1. When twins are up your own radar is on high alert!!! What one doesn’t think to do the other will Both will happily venture into their unknown. Somehow you seem to know which one to go after!! Happy times are abounding!!! Gail

  2. Oh my, they are really growing up and anxious to learn all about their world! Good reflexes to keep they safe. I guess you barely have time to blink around those two precious darlings.

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