Joy of Moving


A video of a “little” who is discovering the fun of movement:

I’m so glad that my word of the year, MOVE, resonated with a few of you!

Moving, getting outside, is quite hard this time of year here in the Mitten.  I was driving home today, it was quite lovely out, with just a dusting of snow and a bit of sunshine.  I thought a walk was in order, but as I walked from the car to the house my mind changed itself.

The elliptical machine is where I get my steps in these days.  Reading (a little challenging) or listening to a book, or doing a Sudoku puzzle (writing while bouncing up and down is a little challenging too)  is how I distract my mind while in the basement stepping my fake walk about.  I’ve also gone to the mall to step, but I am easily distracted there.  Also, I found I must sprint inside without a coat, or drip sweat by the end of circuit.  It pays to leave your wallet home, too.

I’ve used my phone as a pedometer for a long time.  But I’ve found out that it was not so accurate, it was UNDERSTATING my steps.  Well, maybe my new Fit-bit isn’t accurate, but I like its numbers much more.

You guard against decay, in general, and stagnation, by moving, by continuing to move. (Mary Daly)

What are you doing to MOVE in 2015?

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  1. Aubrey’s antics really brightened up my day. Such pure joy. Moving? I am trying to mix it up. Its way too cold outside so I have my hated Leslie Sansome 5 mile DVD and a couple of interval workout DVDs. I’ve added some weight training and we’ll see how long I manage to stay with that. Once a week I have a 90 minute aerial yoga class. The Fitbit is good for tracking steps but I sure don’t get much credit for shoveling snow and carrying wood up the basement stairs should at least count as double.

  2. Aubrey is an inspiration to jiggle right along with her!! It is so fun to watch littles get their legs under control. Soon we wish they did not control themselves so well! Move it or lose it eh?! Have a great day. HUgs, Gail

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